Vaping is also linked to erectile dysfunction

We have heard a lot about the harmful effects of vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes, on health. Usually it is the lungs that are most affected, but a new study has just revealed another target of e-cigarette harms, and it can be said that this is bad news for men.

According to the results of work carried out by scientists at New York University and Johns Hopkins, men who vaping are 2.4 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

The list of negative impacts of the use of electronic cigarettes is only growing. These little gadgets, however, were supposed to be healthier than real cigarettes.

A link with heart disease?

The study conducted by the scientists saw the participation of 45,971 men between the ages of 20 and 65. These have been divided into two categories: those with cardiovascular issues and those who do not. According to the explanations, this differentiation is important since according to a recent study, erectile dysfunction can represent an indicator for heart disease.

The study’s authors indicate that smoking real cigarettes has always been linked to impotence problems. The results show that even though e-cigarettes were designed to be healthier than real ones, they seem to have the same negative effects.

What should be done

Omar El-Shahawy, a researcher at NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health and the study’s first author, explains that there is a need to fully study the relationship between vaping products and erectile dysfunction. Many people use e-cigarettes to try to reduce the negative effects of smoking or to help them quit smoking. This will help to better understand the potential implications for men’s sexual health.

During their research, the scientists took into account the smoking history of participants, including those who were not smokers. El-Shahawy thus indicates that it is possible that smoking an electronic cigarette daily could be associated with greater risks of erectile dysfunction, regardless of whether one was previously a smoker or a non-smoker.

This is a warning that researchers are giving to male vaping enthusiasts. We should not wait for the first symptoms to think about quitting.

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