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Today we are going to focus on a mop vacuum from the manufacturer iLife, the Easine W100. It is part of the range of cordless vacuum cleaners, with the motor and the clean and dirty water compartments on the handle.

It was designed to be practical, fast and manageable. A real time saver to maintain your home!

The contents of our vacuum cleaner

The Easine W100 comes with various accessories. The first is the charging station, which will allow you to store your vacuum cleaner but also all the other accessories. Then we find a microfiber cleaning roller, a small cleaning brush, a replacement filter and a bottle of cleaning product (product that you can replace with other floor products).

To set up, you just plug the power cord into the back of the charging station, then simply place the vacuum cleaner on the station. Once the battery is charged, go!

A vacuum cleaner but not only!

The strong point of the Easine W100 is that it vacuums, scrubs and washes your floor at the same time. Finished starting with vacuuming, then taking out the mop bucket, filling the bucket with water, adding the product, mopping the floor and finally putting it all away! Today we do everything with a single device. With the Easine W100, you can also choose to simply vacuum and activate cleaning with water only in the places you want.

It is equipped with a rotating microfiber brush, which allows you to perfectly clean all your floors. For more efficiency, the brush is equipped with a rubber part, which allows more emphasis on the most resistant stains. Finally, the mop vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2 water tanks. A tank for clean water and cleaning product and a tank for dirty water and collected dirt. They are very easy to remove and put back.

A stylish and stylish vacuum cleaner

Before you start using the vacuum cleaner, let’s dwell on its aesthetic appearance. The design is pretty well worked, it’s a vacuum cleaner that we don’t have to hide in a closet. The lines and colors are very modern. In terms of ergonomics, all the buttons are gathered on the handle, which allows easy use with one hand.

The Easine W100, a mop vacuum cleaner for your daily life

Now let’s move on to the hands-on vacuum cleaner test. For this, I carried out the tests at home on different types of floors (tiles and parquet), but also on the carpet at the entrance to the house. First thing to do, fill the tank with clean water. You don’t have to put any product on the floor (it depends on the level of dirt to be cleaned).

Once the tank is full, I put it back in place and press the on button, located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. Once turned on, you will be able to find all the useful information on the LED screen; the battery level, the cleaning mode used (eco or max). The grip is very simple and the vacuum cleaner is very handy.

The Easine W100, an efficient vacuum cleaner for all floors

I started by testing the mop vacuum cleaner on the tiles in my kitchen. Several small stains were present, so I chose to use the suction and cleaning water function. The big advantage of the Easine W100 compared to other devices in the same category, is that you can choose when to use the cleaning water.

There is a button in the handle and you just have to press it to get the water to the places you want. It avoids wasting water for places that are less dirty. I then tackled the bedroom which has a wooden floor. For this type of surface, it is important not to overuse the use of water, but the vacuum cleaner is designed not to soak the floor with water and only deliver a good quantity.

The last test was the entrance mat, and with a cat and a dog at home, it’s quite a challenge! Test also passed, the vacuum cleaner sucked up the hairs well and the rotating brush is very useful in this task. There are still some downsides in use. The first is the dimension of the suction head. This does not allow you to pass through small nooks, you must finish cleaning these areas with another household utensil.

The second is that the brush cannot go all the way to the edge of the wall, leaving a small centimeter that is not cleaned. You also need to iron with another utensil. These are the only two negative points, but the mop vacuum cleaner is above all designed to quickly clean large surfaces, and the mission is very well fulfilled.

Clean and store the Easine W100 after use

Using a mop vacuum cleaner requires cleaning after use, you can’t store it directly like a normal vacuum cleaner. For this, the Easine W100 initially has an automatic brush cleaning. To use this program, you must ensure that the clean water tank is not empty, that the vacuum cleaner is on its base and you simply press the button to start the program.

Once launched, the device will clean the brush by rotating it very quickly for about thirty seconds. This step makes cleaning much easier. Then you simply have to take the dirty water tank, empty it in your toilet (it is better to empty it in the toilet rather than in a sink, to avoid clogging your evacuations), rinse it and reposition it.

The brush and the suction head should be cleaned from time to time. To do this, simply remove the cover and remove the brush. You also have a small brush to help you. These are extra steps compared to a classic vacuum cleaner, but that we do when we use a mop.

Once the elements have been cleaned, you can simply place them on the base in the compartments provided so that they can dry.

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