Victim of its own success, Square Enix suspends sales of Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is without a doubt the most popular MMORPG of this year 2021 and the most important success story for Square Enix in recent years. But this popularity comes at a price: with the arrival of the new expansion Endwalker last month, the game’s servers are facing a congestion never seen before … In big words big remedies, Square Enix has just announced the suspension of sales of the game.

It jostles at the gate

All Warriors of Light will be able to attest to this: currently, being able to connect to Final Fantay XIV’s servers is a privilege. The output of Endwalker, the latest expansion, recently caused MMORPG traffic to explode, from new subscribers to returning veterans. A boom that causes server congestion, with long connection queues as a result. In response to the traffic jams, Square Enix has offered an additional 7 days of play for all subscribers — and will double the stake with an additional 14 days, as the statement posted on the game’s official blog said.

But faced with this persistent problem, the Japanese publisher decided to take another drastic measure: temporarily suspend the sale of the game and the creation of new accounts. Two versions of the game will no longer be available for purchase until further notice: FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition, including the base game, and the Complete Edition including all expansions released to date. However, individual expansions and upgrades are not affected by this sudden withdrawal.

Suffering from Success

It will also not be possible to subscribe to the trial version of the game. Those who already benefit from a free account can no longer log into the game outside of two specific time slots, ranging from late hours to the next. early morning evening. No additional information as to the duration of these restrictions has been given, and it will probably take a long time to wait …

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