Video game titan dreams of becoming an astronaut

The conquest of the stars is not only of interest to billionaires in need of thrills.

I want to be an astronaut.This sentence was not uttered by a new billionaire craving for thrills, or even by a toddler fascinated by the stars; It is the illustrious Hideo Kojima, father of the MetalGear series who released this information during an interview with Oricon when approaching his wildest dreams.

And this is apparently not just a little transitory whim, but a real fire that devours him from within; the video game deity seems to be seriously considering this possibility. “JAXA – the agency that manages aerospace in Japan – is currently accepting applications, and I’m thinking about what to do”, He confided.

In any case, it confirms the fact that this is a long-held dream. Vice recalls that he had already spoken on the subject more than ten years ago. The American media thus spotted an excerpt from a text in which the Japanese already spoke of his fascination with the cosmos. “If I could cast a spell to make any dream come true, it would undoubtedly be this: I wish to go to space before I die.“, He admitted bluntly. “It wouldn’t have to be something extravagant, like a trip to the Moon or Mars. I’d be satisfied with a brief stint in orbit“, He specified.

Desperate for a trip to space

Unfortunately, it is a job that requires total and permanent investment; a situation incompatible with the requirements of the video game industry, and which seems to generate a small existential dilemma for Kojima. “Since I should quit my job, this is a question I need to think about seriously”, He explains to Oricon.

But to make his dream come true, Kojima seems ready to do absolutely anything. In his 2009 text, he said he was ready to sacrifice “The game designer job he built for 45 years. I would even give my family or my own life”, He asserted. A far from trivial phrase from one of the industry’s most respected visionaries.

We hope in any case that he will not go so far as to abandon his family or leave his post; this would constitute an immense loss for the world of video games. But it will be interesting to see if the big names in space tourism like Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic will heed this call. Because who knows, if he ends up being entitled to his turn in space, the overhang effect could give him ideas for his next game!

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