Video games in France: Pokémon arrives in the arena

We are slowly but surely arriving at the home stretch of this year 2021, and the SELL (Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers) invites us to come back to the best sales video games in French points of sale. Here is the top 5 of week 46, with new arrivals… and the essential chestnut trees.

Pokemon, the quiet force

If there is one certainty with the French market, it is that Pokemon will always remain among the top performers on every major outing. The latest duo of episodes to date on Nintendo Switch is no exception to the rule and is, in various editions, at the top of the rankings. Thus, we find Sparkling Diamond Pokémon in first position, followed by his twin Sparkling Pearl Pokémon and finally the Pokémon Duo Pack bringing the two episodes together in third place.

These are full episodes remakes Pokemon Pearl and Diamond initially released for Nintendo DS in 2006 in Japan, and the following year in France. Major new generation in the franchise timeline, Pearl and Diamond are the first titles to introduce online Pokémon Trainer Battles – something new that will have an extraordinary impact on the episodes to follow. Pokémon contests have also been increased, while combat mechanics have also received a much-awaited rejuvenation. Huge successes for the Nintendo nomad, Sparkling Pearl and Sparkling Diamond thus come back under a whole new graphic patina, swapping the 2D sprites for chibi-style 3D models.

War stuck

The other major release this November is of a different kind. Battlefield 2042 had a complicated launch on home consoles and PC, but the PlayStation 5 version still climbs to fourth place. This new FPS taking place in the semi-near future offers even more ambitious armed games – and has been riddled with bugs and other technical problems decried by fans since its release … Its developer DICE has already put in place a patch roadmap.

Finally, it is no surprise that the FIFA 22 of Electronic Arts wraps up this weekly top 5. The football simulation is still present, this time in fifth place, in its PlayStation 4 version.

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