Satya Nadella

Virtual reality: Microsoft also thinks about 3D games in the “Metavers”

The fixed idea of Mark Zuckerberg might have given some ideas to the competition. Asked about Bloomberg TV, Satya nadella, CEO of Microsoft, confirmed to his interlocutor that his company was “absolutely” focused on an Xbox gaming offer in the “Metavers”: “You can absolutely expect us to do things in the game” Nadella said. “If you take Halo as a game, it’s (also) a metaverse. Minecraft is a metaverse, just like Flight Sim. In a sense, they’re in 2D today, and the question is, can you bring that into a full 3D world now, and we’re definitely planning on doing that ”.

Satya nadella

Nadella’s confusion between 2D and 3D is interesting, because the boss of the Redmond firm seems to refer the term “2D” to a non-immersive playful universe, that is to say to a flat screen television, 3D then referring to to a totally immersive universe, that is to say to the virtual reality so praised by Facebook / Meta. Despite Nadella’s inaccuracies and the nagging impression that the Microsoft boss is talking about something he does not understand well, this confession remains heavy with meaning and could well mean that Microsoft is working in secret on projects related to the VR game.

After all, Flight Simulator can already be played in VR (does Nadella know that?), just like Minecraft for that matter. If Microsoft does not yet seem in a hurry to offer its own VR headset for the game, nothing prevents Microsoft Studios from developing titles that are both playable with the “traditional” controller and under the VR headset. A Halo or Forza Horizon in VR would no doubt look great, and the orientation often open world of these new titles would be largely in phase with the persistent lores of the Metavers …

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