Un accident de la route entre une voiture et un poids lourds.

Virtual reality to raise awareness of the dangers of heavy goods vehicles

the university Deakin’s Aussie recently developed a virtual reality software to educate young drivers about hazards what do the heavyweight on the road. Indeed, truckers are daily confronted to lack of experience utility car drivers. This is why the new software simulates several possible accident scenarios in the event of inattentive driving errors or dangerous driving.

A road accident between a car and a truck.

These simulations allowed the new motorists understand how their actions can contribute to the road carnage. Indeed, following the lifting of traffic bans after the Covid-19 health crisis, the State of Victoria wanted to remind users how much they should be careful on the roads frequented by heavy goods vehicles.

She is particularly concerned about lack of awareness on how to share the road with these large vehicles and would like to remind the inherent security constraints.

A lack of communication between utilities and trucks

Most of truck drivers know very well the dangers of the road. However, other users do not always have the same driving experience than a trucker and often get into dangerous situations.

This is the case, for example, of perilous overtaking. Most of the time, the motorist commits suddenly in front of the truck and leaves him only very little time to brake safely or take evasive action. However, a goodwill between motorists is important to ensure everyone’s safety.

The RV to educate young drivers

This research project was funded by Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and was sponsored by the Australian Federal Government. It fits into the continuation of a similar pilot project.

It aims to educate and raise awareness among young drivers still inexperienced by offering them a virtual reality experience. the Professor Ben Horanproject manager and director of Deakin’s CADET virtual reality lab, said that this work provided an opportunity for them to use virtual reality to encourage empathy for heavyweights.


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