Virtual Virtual Reality 2 is coming to Meta Quest 2 and PCVR with a crazy trailer

The independent studio Tender Claws is particularly dear to my heart, and this for a very simple reason: this very small studio is at the origin of the game Virtual Virtual Reality that yours truly easily places in the top 10 of the best VR games ever created. In Virtual Virtual Reality, the player embodies a human who works on behalf of a surreal automated universe called activity. The dialogues with the robot in charge of completing your training are absolutely delightfully funny “Monty Pythonesque” and the game is full of moments of abyss where we find ourselves wearing small VR helmets… inside the real game.


Like a small miracle this weekend, the Tender Claws studio announced without warning Virtual Virtual Reality 2, the sequel to Virtual Virtual Reality. In view of the first trailer, the story looks even crazier than the original title, and would ultimately come close to the scenario of the movie Free Guy. This time the player finds himself stuck inside Scottsdale, a Metaverse where humans and AI live in harmony. Unfortunately, financial concerns are affecting the company that manages this Metavers, and the servers are starting to be shut down. The player therefore tries to flee who knows where to avoid seeing his existence quite simply… erased. Virtual Virtual Reality 2 will be available next February 10 on Meta Quest 2 and February 17 on Steam VR.

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