visit the Sprout Talons with Draco Malfoy!

We take you to the heart of Harry Potter magic, to discover the greenhouses of Professor Sprout. Reportage.

The Warner Bros studios are a must for any pilgrimage Harry Potter who respects himself. These huge buildings, located in Leavesden, contain many secrets about magic, but also about the seventh art. Filming anecdotes, sets and accessories, this is the place to visit for anyone who loves the adventures of the little wizard with glasses. From the large room to the model via the Magicobus, no place is left out.

However, the museum still has many surprises in store for us. While the 4 Private Drive has just reopened its doors, after an update of its interior, another room celebrates its inauguration. These are Professor Sprout’s greenhouses, an emblematic place in the film saga.

If he does not often appear in films, he nevertheless marked the imagination of the spectators. It is here that Neville Longbottom will pass out after digging up his mandrake and that the insufferable Draco Malfoy will have for the first time in the saga a little well-deserved correction. The second part is also the only film to devote a scene to this place. We will see them very briefly in the sixth opus, when Harry crosses paths with Professor Slughorn.

Professor Sprout's Talons
Credits: Warner Bros Studio London

Since July 1st, they come back to life for visitors to the Warner Bros Studio Tour. In the outdoor part of the visit, they invite themselves so that little budding wizards can be confronted with certain animatronic creatures.

As you might suspect, it is the mandrakes that are honored. As you know, these tough plants play an essential role in The Chamber of Secrets. It is thanks to her that Madame Pomfrey can concoct the potion that will bring all the petrified back to life, starting with Hermione who was attacked by the Basilisk who travels in the plumbing of Hogwarts.

The Mandrake is not entirely from the imagination of JK Rowling. This plant really exists, but has had some modifications to stick to the whimsical universe of the novels. In real life, reputed to be magical, it would have many therapeutic virtues in the muggle world. Among wizards, it’s another matter.

She looks like a baby that is buried in a little pot, can bite and emit a shrill sound. A cry that can be fatal once she reaches adulthood. Otherwise, did you know that she had to wear socks in winter to be protected from the cold? If that’s not cute.

Professor Sprout's Greenhouses
Credits: Warner Bros Studio London

On entering the room bathed in light, it is difficult not to be amazed by these small critters that are glaringly realistic. Arranged in rows of onions on tables, they are close at hand. You will be able to grab them to get them out of the ground. The good news is that with Muggles, their scream shouldn’t kill you. As a precaution, you will nevertheless be advised to opt for wearing earmuffs, it is not Neville who will say the opposite.

Warner Bros has not skimped on the details by also including models dressed with replicas of the blouses worn by the little wizards in the film. The immersion is total, it’s a real success.

A surprise addition for visitors

Professor Sprout’s Greenhouses are not the only novelty on the program for this summer 2022. A Hogwarts monument now sits proudly in the middle of the courtyard. it’s about the fountain that can be seen several times in the saga. This is where Harry will observe all his friends set off to discover Hogsmeade, while he is forced to stay within the castle grounds.

Note also the arrival with fanfare of a burrow model, home of the Weasleys in the movies. If the interior was already on the program, with a presentation of all the technical effects used to make objects move, this time it is the exterior that is honoured.

Gary Tomkins, in charge of the sets on the saga, explained to us that it took several weeks to hatch this model. However, it only took a few minutes before she was reduced to ashes for the needs of the sixth film.

A place full of memories

If the visit of the studios tends to rekindle memories among visitors, this is also the case for the actors who have evolved before the eyes of the spectators. To formalize the opening of Professor Sprout’s greenhouses, Warner Bros had invited Tom Felton. The one who camped Draco Malfoy for eight films marveled at this reproduction of the scenery he has repeatedly surveyed.

“It’s fantastic, it’s great! Welcome to Professor Sprout’s greenhouses. This is the first time I’ve stood here in 20 years and it’s exactly as I remember. It’s incredible that people from all over the world can experience what we experienced when we were 12 years old. As you can see, every square inch has been reproduced to perfection.”

He is also full of praise for this period which will have marked him forever. “It reminds me of my childhood and that I was quite a rambunctious child. I remember being told many times to stay on my mark and stop laughing. You have to imagine that there must have been between 30 and 40 children on set every day, all very excited at the idea of ​​playing with the mandrakes. It was one of our favorite scenes. The greenhouses are in the movie for a very limited time, but it’s a very iconic setting. This is godsend for any Harry Potter fan.”

harry potter collage
Credits: Warner Bros Studio London

Draco come back!

For several months now, the rumor of a return of the Harry Potter saga has been insistent. The reunion broadcast on HBO has given fans ideas, who now hope to discover a new part of their adventures on the big screen. While the room Harry Potter and the Cursed Child explores the future of our protagonists, Draco Malfoy plays an important role.

The plot imagined by Jack Thorne offers him a certain redemption. We can thus wonder if Tom Felton would be ready to put the cover back. He obviously does not seem opposed to this idea. He told us:

“I’ll think about it. I miss him a lot, it’s a big part of me these films. It’s great to be able to play someone who is absolutely not you, Draco is not me. He lives across the room right now, but who knows, maybe one day.

You are now ready to discover Professor Sprout’s greenhouses at Warner Bros. Studios in London. To extend the visit a little, we can only advise you to watch our video made for the occasion. You will be able to discover some filming anecdotes, while we surveyed the most important sets of the saga.

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