Vive Flow: HTC could unveil a standalone VR headset as early as next week

After a campaign of teasing to say the least mysterious, a leak of Road to VR indicates that in all likelihood, HTC is about to unveil an autonomous VR headset HTC Vive competitor ofOculus Quest. It’s a little surprise since the Vive Pro 2 and the Long live Focus 3 were unveiled just a few months ago. This proximity suggests that the Vive (Flow?) Should target a larger audience, and therefore cost significantly less than its predecessors.

HTC Vive Flow

Project Proton AR HTC 600x375

HTC’s new headset could take the lines of this old concept (Proton) dating from 2020, concept which had been renamed Vive Flow

The new headset would have Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth and display fairly compact dimensions (another clue). It could of course be an AR headset (why not?) But the name Vive refers to a range of devices made up exclusively of VR headsets.

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