Volkswagen presents an autonomous flying car

Volkswagen is working on a flying car prototype that could take to the air before the end of the year.

When we think of flying cars, the names of Airbus or Boeing quickly come to mind. But other groups are also on the case, including Volkswagen. With its South Asian subsidiary, the German car brand has just presented a car of the future.

In this new concept, the almost century-old brand introduces the basic elements of an eVTOL electric drone. The latter is able to take off and land vertically. The concept is based on a lot of work done in the automotive world, making this prototype a real flying car.

A flying car in the Chinese sky before 2030?

According to the brand, the latter would be able to transport four people and fly completely autonomously. Nicknamed the “flying tiger”, this car could be available on the market in a few years, promises Zhou Jin, the project leader. According to him, software work and R&D have accelerated considerably in recent years, and Volkswagen could make its customers fly before the end of the decade.

Because for Jin, things are clear, flying cars are the future. ” Vertical mobility is likely to be an important part of the future of urban and intercity transportation in China’s megacities“he assures. If he only takes the Middle Kingdom as an example in his explanation, Jin knows very well that a flying car concept could find customers all over the world.

Buoyed by this increased demand, the brand announced that it would begin test flights later this year. In the summer of 2023 more precise flights, allowing in particular to test the autonomy of the device should arrive. Volkswagen ensures that this vehicle would initially be a “VIP” service for certain privileged customers.

Other brands are working on flying cars

But Volkswagen is not the only brand to be interested in this new mode of mobility. Indeed, other big names in the automobile have turned to flying cars. This is particularly the case of Renault, the diamond brand had worked in 2021 on a prototype: Air4. This car was to allude to the famous 4 L of the firm, released 60 years ago.

Other brands, less known to the general public, are also in the competition to offer a flying car. This is particularly the case of the very promising start-up Klein Vision. The latter has been working on the AirCar since 2017 and development has taken a turn in recent years.

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