Vtech launches a gaming chair for baby geeks

The electronic brand Vtech has imagined the best imitation toy for children of geeks.

There is no age to become a geek. The electronic toy brand VTech seems to have understood this, and has just announced the commercialization of a miniature gaming chair. Undoubtedly aware that fans of video games from the 80s and 90s are now of childbearing age, the firm has developed a mini activity chair including a larger than life backseat, a luminous keyboard and headphones. with boom microphone. Enough to imitate the greatest in complete safety.

A complete setup, since it will notably include a full QWERTY keyboard, and several learning programs. Quite logically, the device will not allow the youngest to shine on Fortnite, but will offer many exercises to learn typing, phonetics, the letters of the alphabet and even music. Note that as often with VTech, the entire toy will be made of ABS plastic, and that the electronic parts can be removed to facilitate cleaning. Practical therefore, if it looks probably less comfortable than a real gamer seat, the product promises to remain cleaner than that of the majority of adults.

Unlike a traditional chair, the VTech Level Up seat will not have wheels, but four imposing feet, which should guarantee it rock-solid stability, even in the event of anger. The chair, however, has the good taste to swivel like a real one. With its lights and sound effects, however, she promises to be quickly unbearable in the hands of a child who is a little too turbulent.

On the market starting this fall, the Level Up chair from VTech should cost around $50. Unfortunately, it will only be available in the United States at first. If France is not yet entitled to the product, it is nevertheless in line with several imitation toys imagined by the brand, from the portable console to the smartphone, via the gamepad, the watch connected or the camera tripod, perfect for getting started on TikTok.

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