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VPNs are numerous, but few combine security, speed and low price, except CyberGhost, which will be useful to you in all circumstances.

Worried about your online safety? Do you want to access more content on the Internet or on connected applications? Are you looking for a better browsing experience? Then you must equip yourself with a VPN, and not just any VPN: CyberGhost VPN.

The latter was created in 2011, and since then, it has worked for the safety of Internet users, but not only. Indeed, CyberGhost protects your personal data and preserves your privacy online, but also allows you to browse anonymously or thwart geo-blocks. It also stands out for its excellent connection speeds or easy-to-use app, so check it out right away.

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CyberGhost VPN’s number one advantage: security

The quality of a VPN largely depends on its security settings, because this is the primary function of this type of software. And at this level, CyberGhost can only seduce you. Indeed, this software acts on two levels to protect you: it encrypts your browsing data and camouflages your IP address.

The encryption of your browsing information is operated with a powerful algorithm, so that no one can access data such as your bank details or your browsing history.

As for the protection of your IP address, CyberGhost fully camouflages it, so that no one can trace your identity or location. And this is valid on all your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, console, Smart TV or router.

Thus, CyberGhost protects you both on your home network and on public networks, such as in restaurants or shopping malls for example. A little extra: CyberGhost also has a feature called Kill Switch. The latter consists of suspending your traffic in the event of a VPN disconnection, so that your data can never be exposed.

Clearly, your security is optimally ensured with this VPN. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck, because even though CyberGhost isn’t a free VPN, it’s currently showing an 83% immediate discount and an additional 3 months for free. The subscription for 39 months therefore goes from the standard price of €467 to only €82.29.

Moreover, know that this software is also very strong to cover your back, even when you subscribe to its services. CyberGhost offers all new customers an extended 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can test the software with peace of mind. To make it work, a simple request to customer support, accessible 24/7, is sufficient.

CyberGhost: its connection speed and its thousands of servers

In the introduction, we told you about CyberGhost as a fast and versatile VPN, let us explain why. Security is not the only area in which this provider excels.

Indeed, this software also allows you to thwart all the geo-blockings present on the net as well as on connected applications. To do this, CyberGhost offers you to modify your IP address, to locate it elsewhere in the world thanks to its vast network of servers. The provider has more than 8,900 in a total of 91 countries across the globe.

Thus, by simply selecting a territory from the CyberGhost application, you will be virtually located there automatically and immediately. You will then be able to unlock a lot of content, such as:

  • Foreign television channels
  • The foreign catalogs of Netflix, Hulu or even Prime Video
  • Game servers and geo-restricted sites

In order to make your experience much more pleasant, CyberGhost delivers a high-speed connection. You will have access to smooth navigation in all circumstances. Moreover, the VPN has the particularity of providing servers optimized for streaming but also for downloading torrents or online gaming. You will be able to stream smoothly, even in HD, play without latency and download quickly and securely.

If all this sounds good to you, keep in mind that now is the time to subscribe to CyberGhost’s service: the VPN package is only €2.11 per month compared to €1.99 thanks to the offer we mentioned upper.

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You will agree, CyberGhost is an excellent VPN: secure, fast, versatile and easy to use.

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