Watching a screen before bed can improve sleep quality

A surprising new study breaks with the popular belief that using media before bed can disturb sleep. On the contrary, sleep can be qualitatively improved when a person treats himself to a relatively short time in front of traditional media before falling asleep. The findings of this study were published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

The researchers focused on how people use media at bedtime. The researchers analyzed the electroencephalographic data from 58 people who declared before bedtime the type of media they watched. Each participant also recorded where they were in contact with the media.

The methodology of this new research is totally different from those carried out so far, which were based on self-reported measures of sleep.

Do not extend the time in front of the media

The researchers did not examine active engagement with the media, but rather looked at the impact of time spent in front of a screen, a radio or a book. Scientists observed that sleep time was not affected by media use within an hour of bedtime.

What’s interesting, the researchers pointed out, is that people sleep better when they spend time in front of a screen or listen to a podcast. But they discovered that a prolonged use of media before bedtime can negatively affect the quality of sleep.

Americans remain attached to traditional media

Everything would ultimately lie in the time of publication.

“We found that media use just before sleep onset is associated with earlier bedtime and longer total sleep time, as long as the duration of use is relatively short and you don’t aren’t multitasking, like texting or simultaneously scrolling through social media. Watching a streaming service or listening to a podcast before bed can serve as a calming, passive activity that improves certain aspects of your sleep. »

Lindsay Hahn of the University at Buffalo, co-author of the study

This study revealed that despite the explosion of social networks, many Americans have not abandoned traditional media. This is great news for people of the old school.


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