Waterlight: this torch can only be recharged … with sea water

As long as we live by the ocean, Waterlight will undoubtedly be the perfect flashlight. Designed and developed by Colombian designer Miguel Mojica, the Waterlight has the particularity of recharging only … with sea water. This waterproof, recyclable lamp made largely of wood indeed contains an electrolyte system based on magnesium and copper: the saline liquid is transformed into electricity by the phenomenon of ionization. The process is efficient (the light is produced as soon as the liquid is inserted), and above all, very economical in resources: half a liter of salt water provides forty-five days of lighting! The lamp can even charge small mobile devices via its built-in USB port!

This innovative technology is aimed above all at coastal populations who do not have electricity (i.e. hundreds of millions of people around the world), and more particularly here at the indigenous community of La Guajira (Colombia). The Waterlight won three prizes at the 2021 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity: a Silver Cannes for design and bronze Cannes for innovation.

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