Waymo and Chinese giant Geely develop an autonomous taxi

Waymo is increasing the number of partnerships! After Renault-Nissan, Stellantis (ex-PSA) or even Volvo, the company specializing in autonomous driving has agreed with the Chinese giant Geely for driverless taxis.

What a long road traveled by Waymo since its creation within Google in 2009! The company has grown well and offers its technologies to many car manufacturers, eager not to let the train of driverless driving pass. This is the case of Geely, one of the largest Chinese groups in the sector (last year, it sold 2.4 million vehicles).

Everything for comfort

Geely and Waymo will therefore work together on the Zeekr vehicle. Imagined in Sweden within the China Europe Vehicle Technology Center (CEVT) in Gothenburg, this electric car without driver will serve as an autonomous taxi. The two partners have the ambition to deploy it in the United States as part of the Waymo One service fleet.

While the design of the vehicle will be in Geely’s hands, Waymo will provide the “intelligent driver” through Waymo Driver technology. The absence of a driving position allows both companies to focus on passenger comfort. The car will be equipped with a flat floor for easy accessibility, plenty of legroom, and adjustable seats to suit the body type of travelers.

On paper, this is how many see the future of road passenger transport, but the technology still needs to be fully developed, travelers accept to be driven without a driver, and legislation to be enforced. up to date to authorize this type of vehicle. Moreover, Waymo and Geely do not give a start date, content to mention a launch in ” coming years “.

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