Waze and Norauto display charging stations for the summer

More and more electric car owners are on the road, especially this summer to go to their vacation spot. But in order not to spoil the holidays, they must know the location of the charging stations on the way.

The boom in electric vehicle sales is accompanied by the rapid development of charging stations. One does not go without the other, and the network of terminals will have to continue to improve its coverage throughout the territory to support and amplify the transition from gasoline to electric.

Charging stations on the holiday route

In the meantime, many motorists are preparing to go on vacation in their electric car, if this is not already the case. They need reliable information on the location of the closest charging stations to the resort, and to help them there are several applications like Chargemap.

Waze is late on this point, but the Google application has made an effort for the summer, in partnership with Norauto. From July 15 until August 28, the app shows the location of more than 13,000 charging stations. We are far from the complete network which has 65,000 charging points, but Waze explains that it has focused on the most used stations in the most touristic places.

Electric car drivers need only locate the Norauto pins announcing nearby charging stations. They can also simply search the application using the keyword “terminal”.

Waze users on vacation will therefore not have to use another application to find the nearest charging point. Nevertheless, this operation looks like the most minimal effort that Google could accomplish! The company did not specify whether Waze would keep the locations of the charging stations after the holidays.

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