we finally know the role of Phoebe Waller Bridge (Fleabag)

Harrison Ford donned his fedora during D23 and teased some plot details.

This weekend, the eyes of Disney fans were riveted on the D23. Famous biannual convention intended for its most fervent admirers, it is above all for Disney and its subsidiaries an opportunity to take stock of its projects in development. Whether on the side of its animated films or the Marvel license, the announcements have been numerous. 4 years after the last edition, the patience of the fans has been amply rewarded.

For lovers of space epics, too, there was plenty to do. License Star Wars offered a few trailers and excerpts, exclusively devoted to its series on Disney +. But at Lucasfilm, it’s not just the galaxy far, far away that matters. A famous adventurer returns to service in 2023, he announces his return as it should. It was Harrison Ford himself who came to talk about the return of Indiana Jones. The images captured by the press and the audience also show that the emotion was great for the actor who has camped him since 1981 with The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

He also wanted to reassure the fans by ensuring that he was “very proud” of the film directed by James Mangold reports our colleagues from Première who were there. “We have a real human adventure to tell, and it’s a film that will kick your ass! “ The first trailer that was unveiled in stride obviously convinced the audience.

However, there are still some gray areas, starting with the plot that will be explored and the role that certain actors will play in the footage. That of Phoebe Waller Bridge has nevertheless been unveiled. It was on Twitter that producer Frank Marshall lifted the veil on the score that was entrusted to the actress and creator of flea bag.

A family story

After his son IndianaJones will invite his goddaughter to join him. Its protagonist baptized Helena should thus lend him a hand during this new adventure. John Williams had also drawn up a quick portrait of her during a press conference. She will visibly place herself on the side of the adventurers.

Phoebe Waller Bridge is not the only actress in the cast of this fifth part. Disney and Lucasfilm also recruited Mads Mikkelsen who appeared in a Nazi soldier costume. The Second World War will apparently still be at the heart of the story. To stick with previous films, Harrison Ford would have been digitally rejuvenated. We can nevertheless expect that it will not be so for the duration of the film.

In the meantime, you can see or rewatch the saga on Amazon Prime Video.

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