we know the exact size of the batteries of the four models

The iPhone 14 has just been released, but Apple hasn’t given many details regarding the size of its batteries.

During the presentation last Tuesday of the four iPhone 14s, Apple was careful not to give technical details concerning the battery of its new devices. The Apple brand simply explained that these new devices had a battery life “greater than a day. » A marketing announcement that gives an idea but does not give details about the battery of the device.

In a document acquired by a Chinese market regulator, Apple details the dimensions and battery capacities of the four devices. The iPhone 14 thus has a 3,279 mAh battery. It’s 52 mAh more than the iPhone 13, which means that the difference is minimal and may not be seen on two devices that everything brings together.

As for the iPhone 14 Pro, the battery here is 3,200 mAh. A little less than the “classic” version of the phone, but everyone is now waiting for Apple with its “Always-on” feature, which should save precious minutes of battery life at the end of the day. For comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery was 3,095 mAh.

iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max: two days of battery life?

As for Apple’s larger models, these are obviously entitled to larger battery sizes. The all-new iPhone 14 Plus, which doesn’t really have a comparable device in Apple’s recent history, has a 4,325mAh battery. It is the largest present in the entire range this year.

It should make it easy to get through the day, even with heavy use of the device. Finally, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the right to a 4,323 mAh battery. If it’s a little less than the “Plus” model, the autonomy should be huge on this device. With the arrival of the “always-on” feature, the phone should be able to last longer than its predecessor the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A device that already easily exceeded the bar of 24 hours of autonomy. The first tests, which will arrive by the end of the month, should allow us to get a more precise idea of ​​the autonomy of the four devices, the iPhone 14 Pro Max being, by far, the most enduring of the lot.

The iPhone 14 is available for pre-order from this Friday at a price of 1099 € in France. The Pro models are trading for 1329 € and finally the Pro Max is on sale against 1459 €.

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