We know the next Nintendo Switch Online N64 game!

A new Mario game will join the catalog of emulated N64 titles from the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Available since October, the additional pack to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription has attracted a lot of attention. Indeed, as soon as it was released, users complained about the quality of the emulation of the titles, in particular the N64s. It is therefore with a little trepidation that we await the next one, which will visibly be added to the catalog in just a few days.

This is the title Paper Mario, released in 2000 for the Nintendo console. In this title, you play as a Mario in a world made of paper mixing 3D and 2D. Obviously, the goal is to save Princess Peach from the hands of the terrible Bowser, and this by freeing star spirits scattered around the map. The little peculiarity of this game is the introduction of turn-based combat, the BA-BA for a role-playing game like this.

The game will be available to all subscribers to the additional pack by December 10. Players will therefore be able to assess the quality of the emulation of the title at that time. For those who would like to test a newer Paper Mario, you also have Paper Mario Origami King which is available on the console. Nintendo has not specified what the next games to join the catalog will be and is mainly focused on improving the experience on titles already available.

Nevertheless, it seems that the frequency of publication of the emulations does not take a frantic pace since it is the first game to be released since the end of October. This means that subscribers had to wait almost a month and a half before enjoying a single new game. When Nintendo announced it, we expected much more. However, it is understandable that the firm wants to spread out the outputs so that they can make profitable the concept of annual subscription.

How to get this game?

As a reminder, the subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online additional pack is available at a price of € 39.99 per year for an individual account, and € 69.99 per year for a family account. Only annual plans are available for the moment and Nintendo has not communicated anything on future monthly or quarterly plans. For Animal Crossing New Horizons players, you also have access to the game’s very first paid DLC, available since November 5.

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