we know the release date

Google has just formalized the date of the announcement of the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Watch, the brand’s very first connected watch.

Google has just formalized the holding of an event on October 6th. The latter will allow the Menlo Park firm to present its new Google Pixel 7, but also the very first version of the “Pixel Watch”, a connected watch that wants to become Apple’s number 1 opponent in this area.

If the Google phone inevitably attracts the eyes of many curious people, the connected watch is at the heart of all desires. This is Google’s very first in-house achievement. Expectations are high, but it is impossible for the time being to know if Google will be able to meet them.

Pixel Watch: Apple finally has a serious competitor?

According to the latest rumors about it, the connected watch should work with an Exynos 9110 chip (provided by Samsung). Photos of the design had leaked a few weeks ago, suggesting that the watch would be completely round, with very thin borders. Difficult to know more for the moment on this subject, but many announcements should arrive by October 6, date of official presentation.

Regarding the Google smartphone, the latter should take over the physical characteristics of the Pixel 6. According to the first information we have about it, the Pixel 7 (as well as its pro version) will be entitled to an ever more powerful chip. , probably designed in-house by Google, and Android 13.

The brand’s phone should also have the right to a brand new facial recognition unlocking system. The front camera has been heavily reworked in recent months by Google. The idea is to offer a solution similar to Face ID. For the time being, no one knows if the arrival of this new system will lead, as on the iPhone, to the disappearance of unlocking with the fingerprint.

Google Pixel Fold: the icing on the cake?

Finally, some rumors announce the arrival of a “surprise” product from Google. If the development of the latter is on track, it does not seem ready for 2022 and an announcement as early as October could be a gamble for Google. Anyway, the brand is working on a competitor to the very recent Fold 4 and Flip 4. So the Google Pixel Fold could see the light of day in the coming months. Some brand analysts risk announcing a release date for the beginning of 2023, but nothing is sure about this phone yet.

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