We officially know that the development of GTA 6 is effective

In recent years, Take-Two and Rockstar Games have been careful not to communicate about the successor to GTA 5. crazy about the trio Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Now we know that GTA 6 is well in preparation.

The announcement was made on February 4 by Rockstar Games in an article published on its blog. However, the developer has not communicated any date for the release of the game or given details regarding the gameplay.

GTA 6 announced almost 9 years after the release of GTA V

The first opus of GTA was released in 1997 while the latest, namely, GTA V, was released in 2013. Between these two, Rockstar Games released four other opuses which returned to the legend of the franchise. In this interval, the studio had never marked a break of more than five years between two releases.

However, it has now been almost 9 years since GTA V was officially released on game consoles. Since that date, apart from the GTA: The Trilogy parenthesis and GTA Online updates, players have had nothing new to get their teeth into.

A situation that made early fans of the most popular gangster game in history fear the worst. Although Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive had remained silent all this time. Finally, the first came out of his silence by officially announcing that the next opus which should probably be GTA 6 was in full development.

The studio used two channels to make its announcement. The first is therefore the blog post whose various announcements initially concerned GTA Online. It was only at the end of the article that the studio mentioned the project for the next GTA installment. The second channel, on the other hand, is a tweet posted the same day.

For more details, stay tuned

In its announcement, Rockstar first acknowledged that GTA V broke all records for longevity and that made many wonder. Then, the studio indicated that it was important for him that each project could surpass the previous one.

And that now they were very happy to officially announce the upcoming arrival of a new title in the GTA family. The studio even added that the development is on very good track. However, he did not give details regarding the release date and the specifics of the game.

For that, you’ll have to stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire. In the meantime, it must be said that the fact that Rockstar seeks to surpass itself explains the reasons why the announcement of the new title took so long. With GTA V, they had surpassed all expectations. Putting it back shouldn’t be that easy.

Moreover, according to some observers GTA 6 could finally be released in March 2024. Take-Two’s takeover deal for Zynga is a good reason to think so. However, nothing is certain.

Source: TechRadar

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