wearing a mask will soon no longer be necessary

On February 28, it will no longer be compulsory to wear your mask in certain establishments, including cinemas.

The return to normal life is pointing the tip of his nose. While the government announced in December a series of measures concerning the introduction of the vaccination pass for some, and the maintenance of the health pass for others, cinemas found themselves hit hard by even more restrictive measures. Since January 3, these cultural establishments no longer offered the sale of drinks or food in their enclosures.

Nevertheless, from next February 28, some things should start to change… for the better. Indeed, cinemas, as well as restaurants, bars and other places subject to vaccination pass control, will now be able to welcome the public without the obligation to wear a mask.

Among other things, wearing a mask will therefore no longer be compulsory in all places of leisure and culture such as sports halls, game rooms, shows or even libraries. However, this is not yet valid for public transport and places that do not require a vaccination pass (supermarkets for example).

The return of popcorn on February 16

It is however a big step forward, which had not been possible for a few months now. As the situation progresses in France, moviegoers will be delighted to learn that in the cinema, the sale of food and drinks will also be authorized again, so you should soon be able to enjoy your popcorn, salty or sweet, in front of the movie of your choice.

This therefore announces an upcoming return to life for many, while the government is not weakening on its vaccination campaign. As a reminder, the vaccination pass is granted to anyone with a complete vaccination schedule (2 or even three doses of vaccine) and is no longer affected by negative antigenic or PCR tests. On the other hand, it is not yet requested for people under the age of 16, who can still access places of culture and leisure with a health pass.

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