What are the 5 most anticipated electric cars in 2022?

What are the 5 most anticipated electric cars in 2022?

With an exponentially growing market, a rapidly developing charging network and a situation that is unfavorable to fossil fuels, to say the least, the attraction of the 100% electric car is growing stronger and stronger. That’s good, the new products expected for this year 2022 are very numerous and diverse, from both generalist and specialist manufacturers, in all formats and styles. We have selected the 5 most anticipated models.

Renault Mégane E-Tech – Dynamic!

The new generation of the famous French compact does not completely replace the previous one, rather it completes its offer. Because the 100% electric Mégane is also 100% new, inaugurating a dedicated platform and an infotainment system completely redesigned with Google. Result, a sedan tending towards a modern and compact crossover format (4.21 m) with dynamic performance and designed with driving pleasure. Offered in two versions of 130 and 220 hp, with a battery capacity displayed at 40 or 60 kWh, the Mégane E-Tech offers an excellent range of up to 470 km, with a recharge in 30 minutes to recover 300 km at the top of the range. in direct current DC 130 kW.

  • Price: from €35,200*
  • Launch date: already launched
  • A competing novelty: Cupra Born

Nissan Ariya – Fresh start

While Nissan is one of the precursors of the electric car with its Leaf, it is changing its tune by launching a new generation crossover, finally studied on a joint basis with its cousin Renault. The Ariya adopts a size well suited for Europe (4.60 m), a frankly modern look and a nicely presented cabin that takes full advantage of the advantages of a fully electric platform: flat floor, space worthy of the superior category. , clever arrangement. Alexa is integrated, as is a smart route planner, with two 12.3” screens to display the entire infotainment system. There are touch controls integrated under the materials of the dashboard, with haptic feedback. Chic. From 218 to 394 hp, with one or two motors, the range of engines is wide, with two batteries of 63 or 87 kWh (340 to 500 km range).

  • Estimated price: approx. €40,000*
  • Launch date: 1st half of 2022
  • A new competitor: Toyota bZ4X

Smart #1 – Expand to the max

While the first slogan of the Smart Fortwo promised a Lilliputian size, now it will be necessary to reckon with a completely different concept. No more urban micro-two-seaters, make way for small SUVs (4.29 m). Yes, even the brand originally thought up by the creator of Swatch is giving in to fashion. An industrial page that is also turning with a design still signed by the teams of Daimler, its parent company, now in a joint venture with Geely. The #1 (who said you had to be original?) is on the other hand made in China and intended for a global market. Autonomy is announced at 430 km and recharging from 5 to 80% in less than 3 hours with the standard 22 kW on-board charger (30 min in DC on a fast terminal).

  • Estimated price: approx. €35,000*
  • Launch date: 2nd half of 2022
  • A competing novelty: Ora Cat

Fisker Ocean – Made in Europe

The Californian company will launch in Europe at the end of the year its electric SUV with the false air of Range Evoque. Made in Austria at Magna Steyr, the Ocean plays the leisure card with its fun interior and windows that all open. It also seeks to seduce geeks with its top-of-the-range 17.1” inch Revolve screen, which can be switched to landscape mode to watch a movie – when stationary, of course. This large SUV of 4.78 m will be able to receive engines from 279 to 558 hp in all-wheel drive for the most powerful, and will offer 440 to 630 km of autonomy. A roof with photovoltaic panels is supposed to extend the range by 2,000 km per year, at least in the sunniest regions.

  • Price: from €41,900*
  • Launch date: end of 2022
  • A new competitor: Kia Niro 2

Mercedes EQE – Taxi 2022

The little sister of the very spectacular EQS is not exactly mini: 4.95 m, which puts it in front of a certain Tesla Model S. At launch, it receives a 292 hp engine, for a very generous torque of 565 Nm. More powerful versions still signed AMG are on the program, with up to 687 hp in sight. Fast charging at 200 kW allows you to recover 250 km of autonomy in 15 minutes with the 90 kWh battery. Enough to make you want to travel in its spectacular cabin which uses the principle of a dashboard which seems to consist of a giant screen with its Hyperscreen (3 screens of 12.3”, 17.3” and 12, 3” for the passenger), at least as an option. The dedicated electric platform guarantees XXL rear seat space.

  • Price: from €79,300*
  • Launch date: available to order
  • A new competitor: BMW i4

In conclusion

Choosing an electric car has never been so easy… provided you know how to make decisions in the face of the embarrassment of choice that opens up to us! From small city cars to minibuses and pick-ups, the world is about to get used to the widespread electrification of its vehicle fleet. Still, the purchase decision must always be well thought out, with regard to the model of course, but before that, for questions of use. The electric car is a perfect solution in many cases, but it is not suitable for everyone, especially when the radius of action increases and long distances are a habit.

*price including VAT, excluding ecological bonus

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