What are the differences between the new model and the old one?

The new, lighter PS5 comes under the sharp eye of experts who explain its weight loss very simply.

A few days ago, Sony announced the arrival of a new PS5 model on the market, so far only available in Australia. Two years after the release of the console, this is the third model to see the light of day, and one of its main advantages did not last long for aficionados of the brand. The console is now much lighter, at the rate of a few hundred grams lost for the classic and digital versions.

While this is great news for any gamers who haven’t purchased theirs yet, it was unclear what caused this weight loss, or how much of the PS5’s performance was affected. It was without counting on the do-it-yourselfers and tech fans who hide among PlayStation players, who hastened to open the beast in order to examine it more closely. Better yet, compare it with the two other previously released models.

And this new PS5 has some pleasant surprises in store for us. Content creator Austin Evans shows us on video the few changes made to the console’s motherboard, which is getting smaller, to the cooling block and even to the SSD enclosure. In general, Sony saves space and lightness by reducing the size of its components, which should not affect the performance of the console.

According to the YouTubeur, the finding is almost clear: this new model should be significantly less expensive to produce for the brand given the drop in components required to manufacture it. And yet, players now have to pay more than expected.

A surprise update

At the same time, PS5 players are also pleased to welcome a new console update, which is not exclusive to the new model. Everyone can now take advantage of QHD (1440p) resolution support, which allows for an intermediate display level between 1080p and 4K, two resolutions already supported by the Sony console. Other new features related to the interface are available, and you can find the details of the update in the firm’s blog post.

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