What are the films and series not to be missed on CANAL+ at the start of the school year?

To end the summer in style, CANAL+ wants to please moviegoers. Several quality films are joining the MyCanal catalog.

The weather is fine and the CANAL+ catalog has expanded in August. If you are looking to fill your (last) summer evenings, many films are coming to the platform. Comedy, horror, documentaries or biopics, there is something for everyone. Here are the films which have been available since this month and which are to be discovered with the CANAL+ offers.


Since August 12 with CANAL+, you will be able to dive into the magical world of the Madrigal family. This musical tale has everything to seduce the hearts, eyes and ears of young and old alike. Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family takes us to meet the young Mirabel, the only “ordinary” member of her family with magical powers, in the heart of Colombia. When the magic of the Madrigals is threatened, however, it is Mirabel that proves to be their only hope.

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“What you want, baby, I got it”… You most likely know the majority of Aretha Franklin’s discography. But do you know the story of this music icon? Respect follows the rise of this remarkable singer’s career, from her beginnings to her glory. A biopic that is worth seeing and that will make you move your head to the rhythm. It is to be discovered with CANAL + since August 9.

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You liked the first four parts of the saga predator ? Prey is the fifth installment. Attention, chills guaranteed. Direction 1719 on the lands of the Comanches. When young Naru realizes that the prey she is stalking is none other than a terrifying alien predator that fans of the saga know well, things get tough for her and her loved ones. It can be found on Disney+ via the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer since August 5.

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The complete Scream

Last year, fans of Scream were able to revel in a new component. A quarter of a century after a series of murders in the peaceful town of Woodsboro, Ghostface is back and attacks a gang of teenagers. One thing is certain, the secrets of the past will not stay buried for long.

If you love to scare yourself, CANAL+ invites you to have a happy marathon Scream with the complete saga to discover. The five movies Scream are to be devoured with CANAL+ Cinema.

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The Williams Method

Venus and Serena Williams are among the greatest female tennis players of all time. To get there, they were able to count on their father, Richard Williams. If he had no experience in sport, he nevertheless decided to train them in order to make them champions from their four years. For this, he develops a well-rehearsed plan of 78 pages. That’s the Williams method. Dive behind the scenes of the success of the greatest tennis champions, since August 27 with CANAL+.

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Rotten Spoiled

Discreetly released in France, Rotten Spoiled has however been a real hit internationally, where it is available on Netflix. From now on, French viewers will be able to catch up since the film with Gérard Jugnot is available with CANAL+. This remake of the Mexican film Nosotros los Nobles, Rotten Spoiled plunges us into the life of a widower who made his fortune by the sweat of his brow. Inevitably, his three children have taken a liking to this life of luxury offered on a silver platter. To shake them up and teach them real life, their father will make them believe that they are ruined and that they will have to do the unthinkable: work.

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And on the side of the series?

If you are more of a series lover, CANAL+ has what you need. On the program this month? Conversations with Friends, a series based on a novel by Sally Rooney. Bobbi and Frances are inseparable despite their romance having ended. When they meet Nick and Melissa, things get complicated as they often do when feelings are at stake. After Normal People, Conversations with Friends risk of bewitching you since August 25 with CANAL+.

Marvel fans will be delighted to find out She-Hulk: Lawyer on Disney+ via the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer while Game of Thrones fans are burning with impatience to devour House of the Dragon on OCS also via the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer.

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For any subscription to a CANAL+ subscription with commitment before October 12, 2022, you benefit from 50 euros offered through the links of this article. To not miss any film or series, the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer at 34.99 euros per month (then 40.99 euros per month with a 24-month commitment) gives you access to CANAL+, OCS, Netflix and Disney+.

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