What are the games for the month of December?

Like every month, Sony unveils the list of games offered on PlayStation Plus for the month of December.

It is a custom for a lot of players. At the end of each month, Sony reveals which games will be offered as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription. For the month of December, three titles await subscribers to the service, including two popular RPGs.

RPGs in the spotlight

We first find the game Godfall in its edition Challenger. The title will be available on PS5 and PS4 in versions optimized for each console. This is an RPG in which you must explore a fantastic world in search of resources, loot, and enemies to fight. You will thus meet demonic creatures and others “vicious enemies”Which you will have to kill in third person view fights. Sony also specifies what are the specificities of the Challenger edition:

The Challenger Edition focuses on three unique game modes: Lightbringer, Dreamstones and The Tower of Infinite Trials. All three of these modes are available once the game is over, but you’ll have lethal weapons and skill points at your disposal, and you can play in co-op with up to three players to flaunt your skills, refine your gear, and crush your skills. opponents.

On PS4, we find another RPG namely Mortal Shell. In it, you play as a knight in a world between life and death. You will have to face terrible monsters to save what remains of humanity. It is a title with rather high difficulty, for the most seasoned players.

Finally, the third title offered in December is LEGO DC Super-Villains. Directly inspired by the DC universe, you will find characters bearing the image of the Joker, Harley Quinn and other villains of this universe. Do not look for heroes, they no longer exist in this world where crime rules. You play yourself as a brand new super villain to terrorize the city with your particularly mischievous misdeeds.

PSVR games

A few months ago, Sony announced the arrival of VR games in addition to the usual productions, and this systematically now. For this month, there are three virtual reality productions compatible with the Sony machine.

The first is The Persistence. This is a game on the border between action-adventure and horror, which puts you in the shoes of a crew member of a very badly damaged spaceship, and especially invaded by scary mutants. it’s up to you to try to survive in this small, dilapidated and very cramped space.

The second VR game is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition. As the name suggests, this is a horror production based on the eponymous series. No need to draw you a picture, it’s a game that features horrific zombies roaming the streets of New Orleans. You will also have to make choices about how you want to survive, which is far from easy.

The last VR game offered is Until You Fall. Unlike the other two, this is not a horror game but a medieval fighting game with a futuristic vibe. To beat your enemies, you must synchronize your blows to the rhythm of the synthwave music in the background, a rather unexpected but interesting mix.

How to get these games?

All these titles are available from December 7th, and you have until the day before to download those from the previous month. As a reminder, PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered by Sony on its consoles giving you access each month to downloadable games for free, often three or four in number, and allows you to play multiplayer games online. The subscription is available for € 8.99 per month, € 24.99 per quarter or € 59.99 per year.

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