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It’s almost the weekend, the opportunity to sit down and hang out a little on Netflix ! But rather than wasting your time rummaging through the service’s vast catalog, we’ve put together a short list of the best (new) Netflix shows to watch over the next two days. Movies, series or even animations, there is something for all tastes and desires on the platform!

The Power of the Dog – Film drama

While waiting for Doctor Strange 2, find Benedict Cumberbatch on Netflix in “The Power of the Dog”. In this western-style drama, we follow two brothers, Phil and George, whose lives are turned upside down when George marries Rose, a beautiful widow with gentle manners. Abandoned by his brother, Phil (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is continually odious towards Rose who becomes an alcoholic. Peter, the latter’s son, then arrives for the holidays and against all expectations, he and Phil get closer … This film is already considered a nugget by many critics: for its story and its complex characters who do not will not leave you indifferent.

Unforgivable – Drama, thriller film

Notice to Sandra Bullock fans! Three years after “Bird Box”, the actress is back on Netflix with “Unforgivable”. The film combines drama and thriller through the touching story of Ruth Slater who has just served 20 years in prison and must start her life over. But what if society doesn’t want you? Ruth was indeed convicted of the murder of a police officer, a crime that people are not ready to forgive her. The young woman will then have to fight with all her might, especially since she wants at all costs to find her little sister Katie. 5 years old when Ruth was imprisoned, the latter was placed in foster care and has no recollection of her sister. Will Ruth be able to see her again? Head over to Netflix to find out!

The Whole Truth – Thriller Film

Fly to Thailand for a few hours with “The Whole Truth”. This horrific thriller offers an enticing pitch for fans of the genre: the story indeed follows a brother and a sister who must move in with their grandparents while waiting for their mother to leave the hospital. The problem is, the two teenagers don’t know them at all. And the situation gets even more bizarre (and creepy) when they discover a strange hole in the living room wall. The two young people do not resist the urge to take a look, but are they ready to reveal the dark secrets of their family? Get ready for some surprising revelations!

Homecoming – Animated Film

For a Netflix afternoon with the kids, “Homecoming” is the perfect choice. This animated film offers a funny pitch, coupled with a really beautiful animation. The characters are visually cute as everything, despite being said to be Australia’s most dangerous critters. The story indeed follows a small group of deadly creatures (a funnel-web spider, a horned devil, a scorpion and a desert taipan) who will do everything to escape from a wildlife park and return to the world. Savage. However, all does not go as planned when they find themselves with a grumpy koala on their arms. The Misadventures of the Little Gang is really very funny, but also very touching. Impossible not to get attached to the characters, especially Maddie who is so adorable!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Animation Series

Manga fans, this animated series is for you! Specially developed for Netflix, the series is inspired by the “Stone Ocean” arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The story features Jolyne (Jojo for close friends) who is sent to a maximum security prison for a crime she did not even commit. She then finds herself in spite of herself at the heart of a macabre conspiracy involving the intimate enemy of her family: DIO. It turns out that Jolyne is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo! Yep, the (my) adventures are not ready to end for the Kujo line… On the program: a story and complex characters, but also epic battles!

Lost in Space – Series season 3

As long as you follow the (my) space adventures of the Robinson family, prepare the handkerchiefs, because this third season will be the last! We find the whole family there, with a little Will who has grown up since the debut of the series in 2018! In this last lap, the young boy and his sisters are separated from the parents. The family will then do everything to find each other, they will have to act quickly because a terrible threat hangs over the colonies. How far will the Robinsons be willing to go to survive together? This last season promises to be epic, take advantage of this weekend to fully savor it. Especially since the farewells are likely to be moving!

Titans – Series season 3

After two years of unbearable waiting for fans, season 3 of “Titans” is FINALLY on Netflix! And with her, the whole bunch of happy fellows… who are obviously not happy at all. The trailer indeed reveals a tragic death that will completely upset the team. Dick will have to return to Gotham and against all odds, Batman announces to him that he is retiring and entrusts him with the protection of the city. The rest of the Titans come as reinforcements, but are they strong and united enough to face the formidable enemy that awaits them at the turn? A third season that promises to be even darker and more epic. You risk not picking up any more!

The Witcher – Series season 2

This second season of “The Witcher” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Netflix programs for this month of December. It must be said that season 1 ended in apotheosis, with an end that gave only one desire: THE CONTINUATION! This weekend is the perfect opportunity to meet Geralt, Ciri and without forgetting Yennefer. A trio that fate has decided to join together for better or for worse. Season 2 will not be easy for the three heroes who will have to prepare, because the war has only just begun. And its outcome may well depend on the choices they make. Finally face their destiny or turn away from it? Find out the answer this weekend!

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