what chance do you have of winning 217 million?

This Tuesday evening, FDJ is putting 217 million euros into play in the EuroMillions lottery. Before the draw, we explain the probabilities and the stakes around this European lottery.

Tonight there is an exceptional draw of 217 million euros in the EuroMillion lottery. We are getting closer to the absolute record which is held by a Polynesian woman who won 220 million euros last October. With such an amount at stake, the enthusiasm for this EuroMillions draw will be gigantic. But before you play, here are our tips for optimizing your bet.

Play EuroMillions

As you probably know, you can play EuroMillion at a tobacconist or on the internet. The FDJ site allows you to place a bet in a few clicks. It also offers you other advantages such as the possibility of playing on several games, accessing exclusive options (such as MultiChances) and receiving the results in preview. Above all, it allows you to easily cash in the winnings and not risk losing the paper ticket.

The EuroMillion, a question of probabilities

Coming now to the probabilities on this game, there are 1 in 139 million chance of you finding the winning EuroMillions draw combination. Admittedly, the probability is low, but the potential jackpot is so huge that many are ready to try their luck. More generally, you have about a 1 in 13 chance of walking away with a win (however small) with this lottery.

Of course, there are tricks to increase this probability of success. The figures above are expressed in relation to a simple grid that you would have checked off. In other words, it is as if you had ticked 5 numbers and 2 star numbers. Now you can very well check off more to increase your probability of success. That said, you will have to pay more. On the FDJ site, a simulator allows you to know the price according to the number of stars and numbers you have ticked.

Then there are various options that can increase your chance of winning the EuroMillions draw. For example, the Star+ option allows you to increase the probability of winning something to 1 out of 4. Compared to a simple grid, you therefore multiply your chance of success by 3. To do this, you will have to check the Etoile+ option which is sold at 1 euro. This amount is added to the price of the grid, which is 2.50 euros by default.

Play EuroMillions

Finally, there is an option that is exclusively reserved for players on the internet: MultiChance. The latter allows you to bet on a pack of several EuroMillions grids (either 660 or 1260 single grids) for a relatively low price. In effect, you are buying a “share” of this big pack: if you win, you will have to share the jackpot with the other people who have bought a share of this pack. It’s interesting since you can therefore bet on 660 simple grids at the same time, for only 5 euros.

A random draw by the FDJ

Like all FDJ games, the EuroMillion draw is the result of chance. This means that the numbers that have fallen in the past are no less likely to fall on this Tuesday evening, July 5, 2022. Each draw is known to be independent, so there is an equal probability of each number falling tonight. As a reminder, the winning combination will consist of 5 numbers and 2 star numbers.

Be careful, however, the French have a small advantage in this EuroMillions draw. In this case, with each simple grid that has been completed, they also have the right to participate in the My Million lottery: other players in Europe who will play the EuroMillion do not have access to it, this draw is reserved to FDJ customers who have played from France.

What is the My Million secondary draw? For each grid that will be filled in for the EuroMillion draw, the player receives a random number which serves as a participation in My Million. Whether on the tobacconist’s ticket or on your virtual ticket on the FDJ site, you will have this random code at the bottom of the ticket. FDJ will then proceed to a draw which will see a single person leave with a check for one million euros. This means that Tuesday evening, there will inevitably be a millionaire among all the French players. If you tick 2 grids, you have 2 chances to win My Million.

With 217 million euros at stake, the general public will necessarily respond. The probability of winning the My Million draw is lower since there will be a greater number of EuroMillions grids that will be filled. Still, it’s a prize pool that is guaranteed, unlike that of the EuroMillions. If no one has the right result on Tuesday, the pot at stake will reach the ultimate record (and still never equaled in all history) on Friday, i.e. 230 million euros.

Regardless of the amount, these are gigantic numbers. So certainly, the probability of winning this EuroMillion draw is low but it gives something to dream about. For 2.50 euros for the standard grid, you may have a tiny chance of leaving with an absolutely immense gain, which will already position you among the 500 richest people in France. Why not try your luck? You have the same probability of winning as if the jackpot was 17 million euros, it is better to play now when the prize pool is as large as possible.

To play the EuroMillion, it’s here:

Play EuroMillions

Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call)

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