What cooperative board games to offer for Christmas?

What cooperative board games to offer for Christmas?

The home stretch has arrived, Christmas is here and it’s time for the last (or first) gift purchases! Always with the idea of ​​wanting to guide you in your research as best as possible, board games seem to us once again to be an interesting idea, not to say the perfect idea for Christmas! So how do you navigate among so many categories? We have answered this question for you. It seems to us, given the current circumstances, that a little cooperation would not hurt you. So with this in mind, we have made a ranking of the best co-op board games to offer for Christmas 2021!

Dark Souls, from video games to card games!

The famous video game makes its entry into the world of board games and the least we can say is that it is a success! The vast world of Dark Souls opens its doors to you, with an even more engaging cooperative quest, well-known monsters from the saga and legendary bosses to face… Gamer friends, this game is for you!

To play Dark Souls, the rules are simple! You play in co-op from 1 to 4 players, each with a particular and iconic role in the game: the knight, the assassin, the wizard and the herald! All the characters have very special abilities (specific and very useful for the quest) which offer a wide variety of strategy. To advance in the game, the game is based on a deckbuilding mechanic. Your cards in hand represent your life points; at each turn you have to face more and more frightening and more and more powerful creatures! Like the video game, Dark Soul is a complicated game that leaves little room for luck, you only have 5 lives in total to advance as much as possible in the game and manage to defeat the terrible Volnir and Abbys Watcher …

A terribly addicting game, with a level of difficulty that makes it all the more addicting. Few manage to finish the video game… but will you manage to finish the card game?

  • Dark Souls, edited Steamforged Games Ltd.
  • From 1 to 4 players, from 12 years old, for about 60 min.

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Magic Rabbit, at the service of magic!

Do not panic, it is magic ! Well no… the rabbits do as they please! Your magic trick begins in 2:30 and all your preparation is ruined. Do your best together to collect the rabbits and put them back in their places on time!

In Magic Rabbit, each rabbit has a definite place in a magic hat, but which rabbit fits in which hat? Here is the problem… In 2 minutes 30, you must succeed in associating the hidden rabbits with the magic hats! For this, at each turn, the players have several possibilities of action, they can watch a bunny, swap two hats, or swap two piles of hat and bunny! Be careful, the room fills up, you mustn’t make any noise, under the pretext of ruining the number… If you manage to combine them all in 2 min 30, it’s won! Otherwise, you will have to give up your career as a magician … Note that the game is progressive and becomes more complicated as you play thanks to bonus cards that spice up the game!

An intense and short game, more difficult than it seems in which your logic and your memory will be of great help!

  • Magic Rabbit, edited by Lumberjacks
  • From 2 to 4 players, from 8 years old, for games of about 2 min.
  • Authors: Julie Dutois, Romaric Galonnier, Ludovic Simonet, Cécile Ziégler
  • Illustrator: Jonathan Aucomte

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Paleo, a prehistoric quest full of twists and turns!

In Paleo, a new world opens up to you, a prehistoric, innocent and dangerous world, full of life and discoveries waiting for you!

The goal of Paleo is to finish a rock painting as quickly as possible. The cavemen left us pearls of history in their caves by drawing ancestral prehistoric animals and today it is your turn to manage to leave your mark in history by drawing a mammoth! For that, you will have to succeed together common missions of the life of prehistoric man like finding food or fighting … you each have your group and you have missions to accomplish to stay alive and bring back goods to the tribe, the game has night phases and day phases pushing you to manage your adventure between dangerous quests and important missions your choices are crucial! If you collect 5 skulls before finishing your fresco, the game is over …

Paleo is an addicting and enjoyable game, ideal for playing while having a good time with your family!

  • Paleo, published by Z-Man Games
  • From 2 to 4 players, from 10 years old, for games of about 45 min.
  • Author: Peter Rustemeyer
  • Illustrator: Franz Georg Stammele

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Magic Maze, the thief heroes!

In Magic Maze, you play as a group of heroes who have had their equipment and all their money stolen. In such a case, only one thing to do, collect everything and for that the only solution is to go steal equipment from the Magic Maze, the heroes’ supermarket!

Of course, who says stealing, says risks … The security guards keep an eye on you, during the night you have only one thing to do, to be discreet and coordinated. To play, all players move a colored character who must go to a specific store to steal their equipment! For this, each player has particular abilities to move, so they must coordinate to move as fast as possible. As players search, they discover new locations in the mall. When all the players have their equipment, we must flee! You have a given time to be able to find an exit as quickly as possible… If you manage to leave it is gained, if not… we let you guess…

A very enjoyable and funny game. Magic Maze largely deserves the praise we have paid it, not surprisingly for a game elected Spiel des Jahres 2017!

  • Magic Maze, edited by Sit Down
  • From 1 to 8 players, from 8 years old, for games of about 15 min.
  • Author: Kasper Lapp

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Mysterium, don’t leave a crime unsolved!

In Mysterium, you are immersed in an extraordinary spiritual adventure in which you will have to unmask the killer of the mansion! Halloween night is the best time to talk with the dead, and you’ll have to do your best to decipher the language of ghosts in just one night!

To play Mysterium, it’s pretty straightforward. It is a game of deduction and cooperation where each player has a role, that of medium or phantom. The mediums must succeed in interpreting the messages of the ghost to find the suspects, the place of the crime and finally the murder weapon … Through these interpretations, the mediums must advance in their research, once each medium has found his suspect with the right place and the right weapon, it’s the final round… Each of the players will have a final clue from the ghost who will guide him to one of the suspects, they all vote in secret. If the majority of players have managed to find the right culprit it is won, otherwise it is lost and the crime will remain unsolved for a long time to come …

Today, Mysterium is an iconic game, very successful graphically and with unequivocal accessibility, fully explaining the Ace of Gold it received!

  • Mysterium, edited by Libellud
  • From 2 to 7 players, from 10 years old, for games of about 40 min.
  • Authors: Oleg Sidorenko and Oleksandr Nevskiy
  • Illustrators: Igor Burlakov and Xavier Colette

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