What do the press think of The Lord of the Rings series?

As The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power arrives tonight on Amazon, the press is already sharing its first impressions. What are the critics saying?

In a few hours, Amazon will open the doors to Middle-earth for the launch of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The platform will broadcast the first two episodes of this series, which is particularly awaited by fantasy lovers, but also by the press. Journalists around the world have already had the opportunity to discover this introduction, so it’s time to take the temperature. Here is what the press is saying about this new series.

“A great show”

Amazon Prime Video did not skimp on the means for this production. The platform has spent no less than $465 million to stage this first season. It is the most expensive series in the history of the small screen. Obviously, the journalists agree that the invoice is rather well used. For France Info Culture, Rings of Power is composed of “sublime landscapes and elaborate special effects, without omitting an element of handmade.”

For Firstwhich is careful for the moment to formulate a clear opinion with only two episodes, we find all the ingredients of the saga of Peter Jackson. “We find the same narrative tricks (the epic prologue that sets the universe in place actually resembles those of the Fellowship of the Ring and the Return of the King combined), visuals (the elf and dwarf universes announce those of the films) and musical. “

Teleramanotes that the series embraces his inspirations and genre clichés and “fully assumes the imposed figures of fantasy, from the grandiose landscapes (again films in New Zealand) to the complex mythology and assumes a joyful taste for the wonder and the marvelous, the romantic heroes, their team quests and their chaste loves .”

A slow opening

If the French media agree that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is a clear success, they nevertheless point out that this introduction takes its time. To start on the right track, creators must choose a long introduction (probably a little too long). Many critics mention the few weaknesses of the first episode.

France Info Culture explains so sorry “that the first episode is a bit long to start, with a lot of information to take in in a very short time.” For Pierre Langlais of Teleramashe “patiently constructs a serial narrative without ever forgetting to entertain. We laugh as often as we tremble, thanks in particular to the dwarves, writhing with pride and bad faith (…)”

And in the United States?

On the other side of the Atlantic, reviews are also generally glowing. The series already accumulates 84% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. As the public does not yet have the opportunity to vote, the opinions of ordinary mortals will have to wait. We can nevertheless conclude that the bet is won for Amazon, which seems to have convinced a large part of the spectators with these first two episodes.

The series must nevertheless prove itself over time, the season should be scrutinized by the press. Namely that a season 2 is currently in development, and that the creators hope to produce no less than 5. The journey to Middle-earth is therefore far from over.

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