what does the new system update contain?

Rolling out today, this new software release includes interface improvements and new chat options.

Available since this morning, the second beta version of the PS5 system software is accessible on Sony’s next-gen consoles. For the happy testers (selected among players in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France), this update gives a glimpse of the future of PlayStation, while keeping in mind that some features may not be implemented in the final version.

Renew Party Chat

Among the new social features that will arrive with the update, Sony cites in particular the possibility of creating Open and closed parties (on PS4 and PS5). While closed conferences will remain reserved for the members you invite, open parties can be joined by your friends, as well as the friends of the participants already present. Note that during the beta, only testers will be able to join an open Party.

On the online safety side, it will now be easier to report inappropriate behavior via the PS5 voice chat. Adjusting the volume of each interlocutor can now be done independently on PS4 (as is already the case on PS5), and the Game Base interface should be reviewed for ease of use.

A clearer and more accessible interface

On PS5, a new option will now allow you to filter games by genres. Convenient to see more clearly in a library that is a little too extensive. In the same spirit, it will also be possible to display 14 games on the home screen, and to keep up to 5 titles in a favorite tab, which will remain permanently displayed on the home screen. Another interface to gain in modernity, the list of trophies is now accessible directly from the control center, and has a new, more readable design.

Finally, Sony is adding new features related to accessibility. The screen reader now supports six new languages ​​(Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Korean), for a total increased to 15. On the audio side, it is now possible to opt for mono sound from headphones. Enabled settings also get a checkmark, so they’re easier to see, even from a distance.

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