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What does the platform have in store for its anniversary?

Disney + is celebrating its second birthday. The SVOD platform, launched in November 2019 across the Atlantic has some surprises in store for its subscribers.

Disney + is celebrating its second year of existence. The platform launched in November 2019 in North America will take this opportunity to organize a global event, online and also in physics! This week, several events are planned around the world, and one of them will take place in Paris. In the Marne-la-Vallée park, the SVOD platform will be in the spotlight November 11. On this date, visitors will be able to walk the blue carpet in true Hollywood tradition and take a few selfies along the way with iconic characters from the Marvel, Star Wars and Disney licenses. In the Backstage Restaurant, a themed dessert will be offered with the purchase of a menu.

Also note that visitors will be able to enjoy an additional half hour in the park, as well as a special Grand Final, which will illuminate the Hollywood Tower Hotel in blue.

A mess of ads

Apart from this celebration at Disneyland Paris, the big-eared firm will also unveil some of its next projects. On social networks, there should be plenty of announcements. We should thus be entitled to some trailers as well as official presentations. You will have to go to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to discover these original images. Disney creators and stars will also be on hand. Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar or National Geographic, there should be something for everyone. One can expect to especially learn more about the future of home ideas on the small screen. If several series have already been announced, the broadcast dates for each of them remain secret for the moment. We expect in particular She-hulk, with Mark Ruffalo in the cast.

A slew of new content

On Friday, November 12, directly from the application, subscribers will also be able to enjoy a slew of new productions, including the reboot of Mum, I missed the plane. It will also be possible to discover the series of short films: Olaf presents as well as a short film adapted from the animated film Luca. A show dedicated to Boba Fett is also announced as well as a Marvel retrospective and a dive into the future of the franchise. Finally, Michael Keaton will return to the small screen in the lead role of the new Star series. Baptized Dopesick, it traces one of the biggest health scandals in the United States, at the origin of the opioid crisis. The full program for the month of November can be found here.

Note also that for a week, Disney + offers almost a month of subscription to new subscribers as well as to those who would like to continue their subscription. Until November 14, it is possible to enjoy the first month at 1.99 euros, before returning to normal pricing: 8.99 euros per month.

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