what does this cut scene, found by leakers, mean?

Internet users have found an ending cutscene for Halo Infinite that may contain some crucial information.

Halo Infinite is Microsoft’s gift for the end of the year. Released on December 8, the FPS has received a lot of positive reviews and praise from gamers. For a 20-year-old franchise, we can talk about a comeback. It was only a few weeks later that Internet users dared to search the depths of the web to bring out a scene cut during the editing of the game.

This is a cutscene that, when looked at, doesn’t contain a particularly interesting character. This is actually an end scene, which would have been in the middle of the credits. However, this short video managed to capture the attention of the players, who immediately made the connection with other content of the game to come. In fact, the cutscene would say a lot about the title’s upcoming DLC.

As we can hear from the voice of the main character (apart from the Major obviously), the radar seems to have detected the presence of someone, who ultimately belongs to the UNSC. As a reminder, this is a human military faction, which could presage the discovery of a human group still alive somewhere on Zeta Halo. However, it appears the studio is reserving the right not to reveal too much for now, hence the removal from the stage.

As one fan notes below the video, “ knowing that yes, someone is there, doesn’t mean much. Removing from the scene is therefore interesting and indicates a change of plan, or they just give themselves more flexibility by not getting locked into additional details as they work on the next campaign.. “

DLC or not DLC?

A hypothesis that holds up, knowing that rumors are already circulating about a possible DLC of the campaign mode. This is said to be in development at 343 Industries, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Removal from the stage could just as easily mean that such plans were put to rest and the studio didn’t want to provide fans with false hope for the sequel.

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