what future for the Game of Thrones universe?

House of the Dragon is coming to our screens, will the Game of Thrones spin-off be the only one to see the light of day on HBO? Back to the projects under consideration.

This Monday, August 22, HBO will launch hostilities for House of the Dragon. After two years of development, the spin-off series of Game Of Thrones finally hits our screens. It should transport us 200 years before the events of Game Of Thrones. Inspired by the book Fire & Blood by George RR Martin, the series focuses on the history of the Targaryen family, a very important bloodline in the universe.

The plot will center around Viserys Targaryen, a good and warm king whose death will start a huge civil war: The Dragon Dance. Written by the novelist in collaboration with Ryan J. Condal (colony), House of The Dragon boasts a high-flying cast. To embody Viserys first of the name, HBO poached a star from Peaky Blinders: Paddy Considine. He will give the reply to Emma d’Arcy (Hana), Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel), Danny Sapani (Killing Eve) and Rhys Ifans (Good Morning England). Matt Smith, who played the Doctor in the British series, will also be there, in the role of Daemon Targaryen.

But this project is far from being the only one currently under consideration at HBO, the channel does not want to do without its hen with the golden eggs. If several projects have been canceled since the start of a vast universe in 2019, only a few months after the end of Game of Throness, the saga is far from having said its last word. Here is what we know about the series that could land soon.

Spin-off series on HBO

Created by Bruno Heller, the showrunner of Rome, the production will follow the story of Lord Corlys Velarion, a powerful lord of the Velaryon house of Lamarck who lived during the reign of Viserys 1st. Adventurer and politician, he undertook many journeys through the kingdom of Westeros. If a spin-off on Arya who visits the remote regions of the East is not on the program, we can console ourselves with this series still in writing at HBO.

1000 years Game of Thrones, the series centered on the warrior Nyméria Martell will tell the story of the unification of the kingdom of Westeros. An important figure in the history of the universe, she founded the kingdom of Dorne. For the moment, the project is still in the writing phase and may never see the light of day.

Based on the author’s popular short stories, such as The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword or The Mystery Knight, the series could follow the adventures of the squire Aegon V Targaryen (Egg) and his friend Ser Duncan the Great (Dunk). Aegon will then become the fifteenth king of the Targaryen dynasty.

We should return to King’s Landing, but away from the home of the Lannisters. Flea Bottom will take us to the slums of the capital, to the narrow streets where characters like Ser Davos and Gendy Baratheon were born. For the moment, the details of the plot remain however still secret.

This year, Kit Harrington created a surprise by announcing his desire to find the series that made him famous. The actor does not seem ready to say goodbye to Jon Snow yet, he is preparing a spin-off series in partnership with George RR Martin. The latter also confirmed it on his blog. It will probably be a question of following him after he has crossed the wall. As a reminder, he was sentenced to exile after the death of Daenerys. There he finds the wildlings and his lifelong companion: Phantom. Towards a road movie between the two accomplices? We dream of it.

An animated series

Besides these live-action series projects, HBO is also preparing something on the animation side. Still in collaboration with George RR Martin, the project should evolve around the author’s mythology and the different characters and creatures that inhabit Westeros. We don’t know much more at the moment.

A conclusion on paper

Because the Game of Thrones saga wouldn’t exist without George RR Martin’s novels. If the series ended in 2019, the saga remains to be written. The fifth book published in 2011 has not yet had a sequel. If the writer had confided during confinement to still work on writing, it is clear that he takes his time. baptized Winds of Winter, the novel is expected on newsstands at the earliest at the end of 2021. On his blog, however, the author has given no further news. We will probably have to wait a little longer. Martin has just signed a major contract with HBO for the adaptation of several novels. He will develop a series based on the post-apocalyptic novel Who is afraid of death? by Ndedi Okorafor and another production inspired by the book Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny. He therefore has his work cut out for him and this ultimately leaves him little time to offer us the conclusion that we are impatiently awaiting.

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