What if the game was released before March 2023?

That’s a name we haven’t heard in a long, long time: Embracer Group, the parent company of publisher Deep Silver, briefly mentioned the existence of Dead Island 2an Arles woman who was thought to have disappeared forever.

It was during a quarterly report intended for shareholders that the subject was discussed, and the content of the remarks was reported to us by the VideoGamesChronicles site.

This project by Dambuster, an internal studio at Deep Silver, has been officially in development for almost 10 years. However, no release date has been announced, its production having been strewn with numerous pitfalls and indefinite delays. We thought the project was dead and buried… But a question posed during a question-and-answer session during this conference given last week brought the subject to life—no pun intended.

The host of the question-and-answer session did not go through four paths: what about Dead Island 2? ” The game is clearly still in development, and I’m expecting a release this fiscal year—sorry, next fiscal year. So I think it’s reasonable to expect that for a title that’s been in development for probably a decade now?

Dead Island 2, a release before 2023?

Without really officially confirming its existence, the boss of the Embracer group Lars Wingefors nevertheless did not fail to imply the existence of a game which could well be Dead Island 2, if we understand the innuendos correctly: “ I can’t talk about Dead Island 2 because it wasn’t announced as is by the publisher. But we talked about a triple-A game that hasn’t been announced… Which you think is Dead Island 2, so it’s hard for me to comment on that. »

Deep Silver would thus have a game in the cards for the next fiscal year, which suggests that this famous Dead Island 2 could arrive before March 2023… Of course, it could be something else entirely—but the recent success of titles like Dying Light 2 proves that there is still an audience for zombie slaying games.

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