what if you became a web developer in 6 months?

As everyone slowly but surely goes back to school, are you still looking for your way? With O’clock, you can become a web developer in just 6 months. A short but intense training that could suit you.

Finding your way is far from a long calm river. It’s hard to know what you want to do five days a week, seven hours a day, until well into your sixties. In any case, one thing is certain: as much as we like it a minimum. If lines of code are your passion but you want to quickly get to the heart of the matter, O’clock school gives you the opportunity to become a web developer in just six months. It’s short and intense but it’s above all very practical for getting back into the world of work fairly quickly. Whether you are in the process of retraining or not, you have every reason to embark on the O’clock adventure. And rest assured, the courses are designed for neophytes.

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Become a web developer in 6 months with O’clock

It almost sounds like a dream or a fantasy but yet it is indeed reality. The O’clock school offers to make you a seasoned professional web developer after only six months of training. However, don’t expect to flank. Six months is a short time, but that’s no reason to twiddle your thumbs. Quite the contrary.

The training is full-time and the pace is intense. O’clock does not hide it from you. The days are busy, the projects are numerous and the skills and knowledge that you accumulate over these 24 weeks are considerable. Enough to make you an excellent web developer, ready to conquer the job market. O’clock delivers you a professional title recognized by the State at the end of these six months, the equivalent of a Bac+2. In total, you coal for 798 hours. Yes, it’s not nothing.

The training to become a web developer in six months at O’clock consists of four stages. To begin with, the “base”. This part is crucial, it represents almost 60% of the total hours of your training. The name is unequivocal: you consolidate a base of knowledge and skills. The basics of web development basics. By going crescendo, necessarily. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ORM… All this will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Then, for some 168 hours, you have the opportunity to specialize: Symfony, React or WordPress. You choose! Then you have to put all that knowledge to good use. And for that, nothing like a project. Something concrete. Thus, for a month, you develop a project in real conditions. There is no such thing.

With all this, you have all the keys to pass the professional title, and officially become a professional web developer. But O’clock doesn’t let you go right away: the school coaches you for 7 hours to help you find a job and continues to follow you even afterwards.

After these intense hours, you can become a back-end developer, PHP developer, HTML/CSS web integrator, front-end JavaScript developer or fullstack developer. Fast and efficient, we tell you.

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Why choose O’clock?

Despite the best will and motivation in the world, it is generally a headache to find THE training, the one that is recognized, effective and transparent in what it offers. O’clock makes a point of being clear. Its training allows you to acquire formidable skills in web development without the need for arm’s length prerequisites. Upon completion, you graduate with a state-recognized RNPC credential. Bingo!

But the major difference of the O’clock school is thatit puts the human at the heart of the transmission of knowledge and that it offers its courses in telepresence, a format that offers a bridge between face-to-face and online courses. Thus, even with a disability or living in remote communities, you can access the courses. A real school without you having to move, all thanks to live-video lessons by a dedicated teacher, within a class? It’s almost magical. In short, you enjoy the comfort of your home without sacrificing the interactivity of live lessons. The best of both, in short.

Students are encouraged to be active, to exchange, to help each other and to react. As for the courses, they are given live by dedicated trainers who are also experienced in web development. They have their place to pass on their knowledge to you at O’clock.

Another argument? The O’clock School is recognized by many funding bodies. Yes, we know that money remains the sinews of war. Thus, its training cost of 7000 euros is not necessarily a problem since you can obtain partial or full financing. To help you finance this training, the O’clock “Admissions” team is at your side. Something to reassure more than one…

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