what impact for subscribers?

La Poste Mobile has just announced that its administrative and management services have been victims of a malicious ransomware-type virus. The operator claims to have “taken the necessary protective measures”.

After the difficulties encountered by its laposte.net service, La Poste is again in turmoil. Via a press release, La Poste Mobile informs us that its administrative and management services fell victim to a ransomware-type “malicious virus”. The attack occurred on Monday July 4 and disrupts the operation of the operator.

The MVNO (virtual mobile network operator) indicates that it has taken protective measures “upon knowledge of this incident”. La Poste Mobile has decided to suspend the IT systems concerned; protective action that led him to temporarily close its website and the customer area.

“La Poste Mobile’s IT teams are currently diagnosing the situation. The first analyzes establish that the servers essential to the operation of the mobile lines of the customers have been well protected “, indicates the operator. He adds that it is however ” possible “ that files present in the computers of La Poste Mobile employees have been affected. However, some of them may contain personal data.

La Poste Mobile virus
© Screenshot/La Poste Mobile

Following these findings, La Poste Mobile invites its customers to be vigilant ; in particular by monitoring any attempt at phishing and/or identity theft. The operator assures that it will keep its users “informed of the lessons learned from ongoing expert appraisals”. In the event of a problem, subscribers can contact customer service at 904 (905 for professional customers) from their La Poste Mobile line or at 0 970 808 660 (price of a local call).

This announcement comes as LockBit claimed responsibility for an attack on La Poste Mobile overnight. The group is now using the third version of its ransomware.

For its part, La Poste Mobile does not mention the LockBit ransomware in its press release.

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