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A week after the broadcast of the last episode of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, it’s time to take stock.

One week after the broadcast of the last episode of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, it’s time to take stock. Has the Prime Video series won us over? Back on this ambitious project for the SVOD platform.

When the giant Amazon launched into the SVOD sector, these first steps in the sector were quite discreet. First thought of as an option for holders of the Amazon Prime subscription, the platform nevertheless had the ambition to go close to the biggest, Netflix in the line of sight. Quickly, the mayonnaise caught on with users, who could take advantage of a selection of series and films, in addition to free delivery and many other advantages.

Nevertheless, faced with the behemoths of N rouge, such as Stranger Things or even more recently The Witcher, Prime Video lacked a strong license. The arrival of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power therefore sounds like the key moment in the development of the SVOD offer.

After beating many of its competitors, the platform intended to bet on the universe to impose itself in the living rooms of series enthusiasts around the world. But tackling such a popular license is a risky bet, has the challenge been met?

A free adaptation

When she acquired the rights to adapt the Lord of rings, the platform made the wise decision not to get too close to the plot explored by Peter Jackson in his two trilogies. Instead, she wanted to lift the veil on a shadowy part of the mythology, the way the rings of power were forged. This piece of Middle-earth history was touched on by Tolkien, but in a fairly cursory way, at least not enough to keep viewers busy for five seasons.

The series is therefore more of an invention from Tolkien’s universe than an adaptation. Many liberties have thus been taken, to the great displeasure of the readers of the Lord of the Rings and all related works. The promotional campaign nevertheless relied heavily on the Lord of the Rings stamp to ensure it attracted attention.

For those who have simply had the opportunity to see Peter Jackson’s two trilogies, the work sounds like a homecoming, where aficionados are struggling to find their account. But the game of adaptation lies above all in the way in which a story is transformed to support a new format, and on this point the series is doing quite well.

Lands still unexplored (Credits: Amazon)

A good series?

With his first trilogy, Peter Jackson had done miracles. Rather faithful to the works of Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings has established itself as one of the strongest sagas of the early 2000s. However, the plot is so colossal that it could have spanned several episodes of a series. When Amazon decided to develop its new project in this form, its approach had something to thrill us.

Several productions of the genre had already shone in the field, starting with Game Of Thrones which will mark a turning point in the history of television. If the tone and the universe are very different, we nevertheless find certain mechanics inspired by the adaptation of the iron throne. Choral story, the series explores the destiny of several characters before bringing them together for a grand finale.

If the first episode could be enough to make us dizzy, given the astronomical amount of plots and characters, the following ones finally managed to hang up the wagons rather well. During this trip to middle-earth, we fell in love with many of them, starting with the little harfoots. Humans, dwarves, elves and mysterious wizards who must join forces to fight an age-old evil.

However, even beyond the freedoms of the story, the series suffers from a lacunary rhythm. Where she skims over certain plot elements, she sometimes dwells on details that could have been covered with less precision. Our characters often find themselves faced with challenges and challenges that they overcome in a few moments, or turn around just as quickly.

Nevertheless, after a soft underbelly between the third and fifth episode, the series catches up with us in full flight preparing for the conclusion. To tell the truth, it is only at this moment that the series finally enters the heart of the matter, we finally attack the main theme: the rings of power.

The Lord of the Rings
Credits: Amazon Prime Video

This first burst of episodes is therefore more of a long introduction than the beginnings of a saga. Season 2 should gain in intensity, while the first eight episodes have delivered almost all their secrets.

Note, however, that the creators have shown a bit of laziness, limiting the mystery of the plot to the sole search for the identity of Sauron. A weakness in writing that cannot be forgiven over several seasons, the next one will have to greatly gain in intensity to stay in the good graces of the spectators.

It’s nice

With a budget of over $400 million, just for season 1, the series is the most expensive in the history of the small screen. For Amazon, the operation should on the other hand be profitable since the fallout will be numerous, and in particular on the side of its e-commerce platform.

It would seem that a good part of this envelope was dedicated to the visual aspect of the series. Shot in New Zealand, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power thus relies on real sets and others that are simply digital. From the first episode, it is obvious that the envelope has been put to good use.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Swarming with details and bathed in light, the series is a vast painting that stretches out before the dumbfounded eyes of the spectators. Everything in the series exudes grandeur, color and light. Even on the side of more practical effects, Amazon’s copy is near perfect. The orcs are particularly frightening, Prime Video had the good idea not to bet on CGI to hatch the monsters of the license.

A season 2 that intrigues

This first season of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has its flaws, especially in its writing. However, as it finally gets to the heart of the matter, the series by JD Payne and Patrick McKay promises to gain in intensity. The avenues to explore for the narration are numerous, this long introduction has laid the groundwork for a vast saga which should be broken down over several seasons. The creators currently plan to produce 5 on behalf of the SVOD platform.

We therefore do not hide our impatience at the idea of ​​learning more about the rings of power and the creation of the one destined to rule them all. To convince us completely, the series will however have to gain in efficiency, and perhaps divest a little more of its grandiloquent dialogues and its very Manichean approach to mythology. Season 2 should according to Payne and McKay become a little darker and it is not to displease us.

See you probably in 2024 to discover this new burst of episodes on Prime Video. If the platform has not specified the release schedule, we already know that filming has started in England. New actors are expected to join the cast.

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