what is the best steering wheel to play the game?

Gran Turismo 7 has just been released, and the game deserves, to be fully appreciated, to be used with a steering wheel and a pedal set. Here is a comparison of several wheels compatible with the game. Depending on your level and your budget, you should find the wheel you need.

It was one of the most anticipated games this year, and according to early player feedback, the 7th edition of Gran Turismo did not disappoint. The car simulation game is very successful, and fans of the franchise are always looking for more realism.

So to satisfy these cravings for immersion during their games, more and more players are making investments, particularly with regard to the purchase of a steering wheel and a pedal set. These devices are essential for complete immersion in the game. We are no longer playing racing cars, we are really doing it.

The full test of Gran Tursimo 7 can be found here.

The steering wheel: mandatory tool for maximum sensation

Indeed, all people who play a little car simulation games know that the sensations have nothing to do between an experience behind a Dual Sense and hands on a steering wheel. If you have just acquired Gran Turismo 7there will be many other players who will advise you to make a (consequent) investment.

It must be said that the world of automotive simulation is doing very well, with the recent release of Forza Horizon 5, both games promise great games and long sessions behind the wheel. Enough to make an expensive purchase profitable, the price of which can scare away more than one.

So if you want to take the plunge and buy a shuttlecock: here is our list of the best shuttlecocks for playing, at Gran Turismo 7, but not only. Before going into the technical details of each steering wheel, you must first know which devices are compatible with your game.

In the case of Gran Turismo 7, you have to go to the game menus to find the list of compatible steering wheels. But we decided to make it easy for you, and here is the complete list of steering wheels compatible with Gran Turismo 7 :

  • Thrustmaster T80
  • Thrustmaster T150 and T150 Pro
  • Thrustmaster T248
  • Thrustmaster T300 RS, Alcantara is GT Edition
  • Thrustmaster T-GT and T-GT II
  • Fanatec CSL Elite PS4
  • Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro
  • Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1
  • Logitech G29
  • Logitech G923 (PS4)
  • Hori Racing Wheel APEX for PlayStation 5
  • Hori Racing Wheel APEX for PlayStation 4
  • Hori Wireless Racing Wheel APEX for PlayStation 4

If this list can give you a headache, you should know that each steering wheel has its own functionalities, but also a very different price positioning. All shuttlecocks are therefore not intended for all players, and some, even if they may seem “entry level” because of their price, they are quite difficult to handle for novice players.

As this list also shows, there are only a few companies vying for the market. If Thrustmaster is the reference brand for steering wheels (and pedals) for car simulation, Fanatec also offers very high quality products, but they are generally reserved for connoisseur players, who have already had a steering wheel in their hands and who are ready to put the price in a “top-of-the-range” product.

Logitech: the choice of novices?

The most accessible for a neophyte player are the products of the Logitech brand, in particular the G29 or the G923. But the second is ultimately only a weak evolution of the first. The G29 is not the best steering wheel in the world, but it can be a very good product to enter the world of car simulation.

Regarding the G923, its big weak point is ultimately its pedals. Indeed the brake pedal is known to be very hard and it will often be necessary to go through the game settings to make it ultra sensitive, in order to compensate for its hardness.

Accessible for 200 to 300 euros, these steering wheels from Logitech remain reliable and functional, but they are not perfect. On a game like Gran Turismo 7 we can regret its many vibrations, and the few dead zones of the devices.

Buy Logitech’s G29

Thrustmaster: the reference steering wheel for GT 7?

For people who have a larger budget to devote to their steering wheel, Thrustmaster then seems to be the logical choice, as the brand dominates the market. The steering wheel of choice would be the T248 which, in terms of price (€299) and features, is the brand’s most accessible steering wheel. As you go upmarket, prices logically inflate. The T300 RS is thus the best choice for less than 400 € in our opinion. This steering wheel from Thrustmaster is incredibly precise. Vibrations (which are the main point of difference from one steering wheel to another) are very well managed by the latter. Also note that the pedal set supplied with the steering wheel, the T3PAGT is really impressively precise.

Last detail that changes everything for Thrustmaster, the T300 RS has an interchangeable wheel. It is therefore possible to modify the appearance of its steering wheel, which will make the experience even more pleasant over time.

Buy the Trustmaster T300 RS Gran Turismo Edition

Fanatec: the best of the best?

Fanatec is the premium brand in the world of automotive simulation steering wheels and accessories. If a comparison had to be made with the world of smartphones, Fanatec would be Apple. The brand indeed cultivates a certain secrecy around its products, and it offers steering wheels much more expensive than the rest of the market.

But according to the professional scene, Fanatec is “the” brand to have. Indeed, the biggest esports competitions are made with steering wheels from the firm. Very present in the world of competition on various video games, Fanatec has made a name for itself with exceptional products.

For Gran Turismo 7, Fanatec’s GT DD Pro is also the official steering wheel of the game. Available for sale for €699, it is presented as the very best. The steering wheel is so customizable that it is possible to set “profiles” according to the players. The reactions of the steering wheel, the rotation or the force feedback are factors that can be configured as desired. If the price is a notch above, it must be recognized that the sensations are also superior with this steering wheel.

Find the complete test of the Fanatec GT DD Pro on Presse-citron.

Excellence has a price (1800 €)

Finally, the Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 steering wheel is the ultimate piece to enjoy the game. Available at a gold price (1800 € without pedals) the steering wheel is intended for professional use or almost. Obviously the sensations are there and the steering wheel is still a notch above the GT DD Pro. In addition to the price of the steering wheel, you will have to spend a few hundred euros more in order to have a bucket seat as well as a high-end support to take advantage of such a good quality steering wheel.

As for the crankset, even at the very top of the range, you might as well turn to the ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted from Fanatec, available at €599.

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