What is the relationship between Tom Hanks and Shovel Knight?

The actor of Forrest Gump and Alone in the World now has something in common with this mascot of independent games…

It’s the kind of connection you would never have imagined, and yet Apple has made it a reality. Tom Hanks and Shovel Knight were far from related until they both arrived on the Apple Arcade gaming service this month. This subscription offered by the Apple firm provides access to a varied catalog made up of more than 180 mobile titles.

For only 4.99€ per month, you can then embark on various portable adventures, cut out for on-the-go play. There are in particular nuggets like Lego Star Wars: Castaways, Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis or even Jetpack Joyride 2 to name but a few. This month, an indie gaming juggernaut arrives alongside a title created by Tom Hanks to round out this already icon-packed selection. Three other applications will also make their entry into the service, and not the least…

The list of Apple Arcade games for the month of September

  • Hanx 101 Trivia – September 2

As this game bears (within a few letters) his dad’s name, confusion is not allowed. A sort of Trivial Pursuit imagined by Tom Hanks himself, this title will test your knowledge of many varied subjects ranging from history to food, including math and geography, among other themes. The actor is very close to the firm of Tim Cook since his production company also shares an exclusive partnership with the apple.

  • Horizon Chase 2 – September 9
  • Garden Tail: Match and Grow – September 16
  • Shove Knight Dig – September 23

The Shovel Knight sequel is here and surprise: it’s also coming out on iOS! Originally announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam, this new episode of the adventures of the knight armed with a shovel is coming to Apple Arcade to the delight of subscribers to the service. This sequel is co-developed by Nitrome, known for its charming pixel art style flash games. New digging mechanics reminiscent of Steamworld Dig come to raise the effective revenue of the license.

Another nugget from the world of independent games, GREY arrives in a special version created exclusively for the Apple Arcade catalog.

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