what is this hit series on Netflix?

After Squid Game, Netflix adds another South Korean success to its list. A production of a different kind, inspired by a popular webtoon. What is All of Us Are Dead?

World War Z, The Walking Dead or Welcome to Zombieland, there are countless productions of the genre that have invaded our screens in recent decades. The ghouls are still popular, and it’s not AMC who will say the opposite. But apart from purely Hollywood titles, in Korea too we are interested in these bloodthirsty creatures. After the undisputed success of Squid GameNetflix unveils its new South Korean series, already promised great things on the platform.

A successful webtoon

The plot of All of Us Are Dead doesn’t come out of nowhere. Creator Cheon Seong-il was inspired by a successful webtoon. It chronicles the adventures of a gang of teenagers who find themselves stuck in Hyosan High School after a zombie invasion. The survivors must now find a way to escape and reach the city, before in turn becoming zombies thirsty for fresh flesh.

Already in pole position

Posted on last January 28, the series made a sensational entry into the ranking of the most popular non-English speaking series of the moment. It thus grants itself first place, with more than 124 million hours watched at the counter. A very good performance for a series of its kind, in its first week of broadcast. She still finds herself far behind Squid Gamewhich has accumulated more than a billion hours viewed in its first 28 days of broadcast. All Of Us Are Dead So there are still a few weeks to convince as many subscribers as possible.

Soon a season 2?

In view of this success, one can logically wonder if Netflix will be decided to do it again. For now, the fate of All of Us Are Dead has not been recorded, at least not officially. We can nevertheless imagine that if this success is confirmed over time, the N red will have no trouble initiating the start of a sequel. Especially since the scriptwriting possibilities are numerous.

*** Spoiler Warning ***

After 12 episodes, our heroes have finally managed to reach their quarantine. The losses were numerous in the team, until the last moments, the scriptwriters spared no one. In particular Chung-San, who nevertheless played a central role in the plot. The latter died saving On-Jo, at least that’s what the series wanted to show us.

If our years of watching shows have taught us anything, it’s that if you don’t see a character die on screen, there’s always hope. Nam-Ra seems to have taken care of the many “humbies” who remain on the area now off-limits to Hyozan residents. We thus hope that Chung-San succeeded by some miracle in surviving the explosion. It will probably be a question of changing the register a little, and of discovering more about the virus and the mysterious properties that it seems to have on asymptomatic patients. Exploring the political aspect of the story could also be interesting, especially since the finale seems to have put this part aside.

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