what is this Marvel horror movie?

Marvel dabbles in horror with a Werewolf movie directed by composer Michael Giacchino.

After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel seems to be thriving in darker corners of the cinematic panorama. If Sam Raimi had only summoned a few horrific elements for his film, this new project promises to be in line with monsters in black and white. It will therefore not be in everyone’s hands.

Outside of the MCU, Werewolf by Night will happily circumvent the PG-13 rule to give us some great Halloween scares. The first trailer is quite confusing. In it, we discover that on a dark night, a secret cabal of monster hunters emerges from the shadows and gathers at the sinister Temple of Bloodstone after the death of their leader. They then embark on a competition to find a relic as powerful as it is deadly. During this hunt, they will cross paths with one of the most dangerous monsters.

The composer of Up there directs

To carry this project, Disney and Marvel have recruited a man more accustomed to playing the conductors than the filmmakers. Michael Giacchino will be behind the camera. The composer of the themes of up there has also confided in comic book about this project.

“I had a blast. It’s an incredibly difficult process. I loved it.” While the project was still in development, he explained: “everyday I have fun working on it and we’re in the middle. I’m having a good time and working on something I love. So it’s a win-win.”

In the casting, we should cross paths with several familiar figures from the big screen. Starting with Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle) which will play the main character. He will give the reply to Harriet Sansom Harris (Desperate Housewives) and Eugenie Bondurant (Conjuring 3). Laura Donnelly, who we discovered in The Nevers, will also be on the trip. She will play a certain Elsa Bloodstone.

So see you on next october 7 on Disney+ to discover what looks like a UFO in the Marvel panorama. For Halloween, the platform has many seasonal films in its drawers. The universe ofHocus Pocus returns for example for a second episode directed by Anne Fletcher. The horrible Sanderson sisters return on September 30 on the platform.

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