what is this series that is a hit in the United States?

The new Showtime series, adapted from Her Majesty of the Flies, has established itself as one of the most popular of the moment.

In a few months, Yellowjackets became Showtime’s second biggest hit. Just behind Dexter: New Blood, which benefits from a solid community of fans, the series sits proudly in the ranking of the most popular productions of the moment. Each week, it would have gathered no less than 5 million viewers in the United States. A very good performance for this production which has not yet been presented to the French public.

But it won’t be long since Canal+ will soon add it to its catalog. If the encrypted channel has not yet specified the broadcast date, we can expect to find out in the coming months. It was indeed part of the series announced by the group for the year 2022.

An adaptation of Her Majesty of the Flies

Loosely adapted from William Goulding’s novel Her Majesty of the Flies, Yellowjackets follows a women’s soccer team that finds itself after a plane crash in the middle of the Canadian forest. The only survivors of this disaster, they will have to fight for their survival against cannibal clans. Divided into two parts, the plot also follows the teenage girls several years later, when they are adults and a journalist takes a close interest in their story.

A way of questioning, like the novel, on the mores of our societies and on human nature. Mystery, blood and inspiring heroines, obviously the recipe for Yellowjackets does wonders. Especially since this is far from the first time that such a project has seen the light of day. We still remember The Society, who had clumsily attempted to stage this improvised society on Netflix.

Subtle mix of thriller, horror and survival, Yellowjackets directed by Ella Purnel (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), Jasmine Savoy Brown (The Leftovers), Sophie Thatcher (The Boba Fett Book) and Sammi Hanratty (day break) in the shoes of these teenagers ready to do anything to survive. The adult characters are portrayed by Tawny Cypress (Unforgettable), Juliet Lewis (Secrets and Lies) and Christina Ricci (sleepy hollow).

A season 2 already on the program

Faced with this resounding success, Showtime was quick to order a second round of episodes. A new season which should land later this year in the United States, just to traumatize us one last time before the end of the year. It will not be the last, at least that is what its creators hope, who plan to make the trip last over 5 seasons.

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