what is this stalker forum that even scares Russia?

Kiwi Farms, the favorite forum for stalkers and conspirators, has just closed, and even Russia doesn’t want it anymore.

It all started on August 5, when Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti, better known as Keffals, was the victim of a swatting operation. Malicious individuals contact the authorities to accuse the young trans woman of having murdered her mother, and of preparing a mass shooting near her home. When the SWAT (American special forces) arrives at Keffals, the latter is simply sleeping. The intervention is despite everything muscular, and the streamer emerges “traumatized”.

Behind this violent swatting operation, the streamer accuses the members of Kiwi Farms, a forum notoriously known for being “sympathetic to extremists, recalls the American Anti-Defamation League. For Keffals, the harassment does not stop there, since the young woman and her fiancé are now forced to live in an undisclosed location, after their address was made public and the couple received psychological and physical threats.

Kiwi Farms, a heavy history of violence

Formerly known as CWCki Forums, Kiwi Farms has been active since 2013. The site founded by Joshua Moon presents itself as a “community dedicated to discussing eccentric people who deliberately make a fool of themselves“. For years, the platform has made certain public figures its favorite target, attacking in particular women, visible minorities, or LGBTQ+ people. If the site does not tell you anything, this is where the Christchurch mosque shooter announced his gesture in 2019, before taking action a few hours later.

In addition to “merely” kidding, the Kiwi Farms community is also at the origin of many large-scale operations: harassment online but also in real life, doxxing (dissemination of personal information). At least three suicides are directly linked to the actions of the online community.

Even Russia doesn’t want it anymore

After the Christchurch massacre, New Zealand was the first country to block Kiwi Farms. In September 2022, after raids against pro-LGBTQ+ Internet users, the site’s DDoS protection was lifted by CloudFlare. While the company has so far chosen not to interfere, it finally made it clear this week through its CEO, its “extraordinary decision” of block the site for security reasons.

And the black series did not stop there for the platform, since even the Russian company DDoS-Guard – the company’s current fallback solution in the event of a glitch – no longer wants to take over the activities of Kiwi Farms. On September 4, the firm announced in turn that it would cease to provide services for the forum. A decision officially motivated by “many user complaints that it violates acceptable use policy“.

For a few days now, the site has been inaccessible. In a long message posted on Telegram, the founder and owner of Kiwi Farms Joshua Moon accuses a “organized attacke and a massive censorship campaign against free speech. While denouncing a “coalition of criminals” in which Russia participates, he announced in half words the death of his forum, doomed to disappear in favor of “channels where only single thought is accepted”.

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