What operating system for the Meta metaverse?

What operating system for the Meta metaverse?

The path that leads to the Metaverse is strewn with pitfalls. Meta, which has very big ambitions in this area, would have thus stopped the development of the operating system which was to make its future augmented reality devices work.

The Meta Quest (formerly Oculus) headset is equipped with an Android-based operating system. But this is not enough for Meta, which seeks to have a free hand away from the major platforms of Google and Apple. This is why the company launched in 2017 the development of XR OS, a new operating system that is starting from scratch, without a trace of Android.

A development on hold

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and boss of Meta, had confirmed the existence of this development last June and better yet, he had announced that its launch was not so distant. This OS, including the XR brings together augmented reality and virtual reality, employed 300 engineers and developers. But according to the site The Information, Meta would have decided to stop the costs while on the material side, the group has unveiled its cards.

Beyond virtual reality headsets, Meta is indeed brewing two XR glasses projects (Aria and Nazare), which will allow you to put both feet in the metaverse. The company probably intended to run them under XR OS rather than the Quest system, which could well happen if software development was put on hold.

However, Meta was keen to react quickly after the publication of the article by The Information, claiming that work is continuing to design an operating system to suit the needs of its future XR devices. Progress is still being made on this front, according to the company’s communications manager for Reality Labs, who also continues to hire.

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