what solutions to repair your Nintendo Switch controllers?

We take stock of all the solutions that will allow you to get rid of a Joy-Con Drift, a real scourge on Nintendo Switch.

If you are the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, then it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard of the infamous Joy-Con Drift. This is a technical issue particularly affecting Nintendo controllers, and which is not only annoying, but really disabling.

What is a Joy-Con Drift?

In short, the Joy-Con Drift causes your controller to send commands on its own to the game you are playing, causing your character to move even when you are not touching the controller. It can also send erroneous commands, causing your character to move left as you turn right, which is really inconvenient in-game.

If this is particularly annoying, know that there are several options available to you to resolve this problem. We take stock of the most effective in the following lines.

Return the controller to Nintendo, even out of warranty

In recent years, many players have had in their hands a controller subjected to the Joy-Con Drift. In reality, this can happen only a few weeks after starting use, negating any possibility of normal wear and tear. Faced with this problem, Nintendo has long put its head in the sand, but following an article by Kotaku on this subject, the firm changed its mind.

Now, the problem is so well known, and so widespread, that Nintendo accepts to repair your controllers, whether they are still under warranty or not. When this is not possible, the manufacturer will send you a new pair of levers. To do this, you just have to fill out a form on Nintendo’s after-sales service, then put together your package before sending it to the warehouse. Be aware, however, that you will have to wait approximately 3 weeks before receiving your repaired controllers.

The trick of the piece of cardboard: unstoppable!

There are many homemade tips to get rid of a Joy-Con Drift and videos are popping up on the internet. However, a few months ago, a YouTuber seemed to have discovered an unstoppable technique to repair his Nintendo Switch controller cheaply, easily, and quickly: the winning combo!

For this, you will need a simple piece of cardboard. Open your controller in half as in the video, simply by unscrewing the 4 screws on the back, then slide the piece of cardboard (not too thick) into the controller. Close and you’re done! The user notes that after several hours of play, the problem completely disappeared and never returned.

Be careful though, using this technique, or any trick that requires you to open the controller, may void your warranty. This solution should therefore be considered with a considerable time for reflection.

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