What solutions to stop missing notifications on Android?

Tired of missing important notifications on your Android smartphone? Here are some tips for showing all or most relevant notifications.

You are constantly connected to your smartphone, you are part of Generation Z, but despite this, you are constantly missing notifications important? This could potentially come from a bad setting from the settings of your smartphone, from a sleep mode which would come from an application or even from a problem in the management of global notifications or those natively integrated into each application.

The notification center, a first line of research

At first, it would be interesting to take a look in the drawer, the shutter or even your smartphone’s notification center. To do this, there is nothing simpler since you just have to swipe from top to bottom to display it. Notifications are found in most cases, under the quick actions, those where you can activate or deactivate WIFI, Bluetooth, flash, etc.

If many notifications are present there, without you having heard them, this is potentially due to a problem with the ringtone setting. If no notification is present, you will then have to go to the settings of your smartphone.

Notifications in smartphone settings

You will have understood it, so you will have to get your hands dirty a little. You will therefore naturally have to direct yourself in your smartphone settingsthe shortcut to access it is in most cases a gear.

Once on it, you just have to go to the notification part. The latter can be more or less long depending on the number of applications you have in your possession. On the other hand, before you start each application, check beforehand how your notifications are generally set.

If the general application settings are correct, you will then need to go to each application setting in order to check and activate the notifications. As soon as this is done, you will only have to take advantage of your application notifications again and go about your business while staying informed of the slightest information.

The case of notifications for smartphones with Always on Display screen

The screens of our smartphones are designed to consume ever less energy. Over time, this has allowed features like Always on Display to improve the lives of many people.

As a reminder, theAlways on Display is a feature only available on OLED panels. These are capable of displaying specific areas on a screen. The black LEDs will therefore be off. This will therefore have a positive impact on visual comfort, allowing you to save battery at the same time. And, for notifications?

The principle remains the same, it is, in the same way as the hour, to be able to see notifications on a screen that is off. Admittedly, the notifications won’t be as large as on an unlocked screen. However, you will be able to find out more about which app issued a notification at any given time.

The Always on Display feature is used in particular by smartphones that also have a sleep mode, such as for iPhones which could receive this feature in the next iOS 16 updates.

To be able to receive notifications, even with the Always on Display of activity, you will only have to go to the appropriate tab in the settings of your smartphone. You will be able to select the applications that have the authorization to send a notification when this display mode is activated.

Once unlocked, you’ll naturally be able to access notifications from the notification center by swiping up and down like you would to access quick actions.

Sorry, I didn’t receive the notification…

In short, now that you know more about how to show notifications from your favorite apps again, you won’t be able to complain about not having seen your girlfriend’s (or companion’s) text messages or those about a upcoming party organized through your favorite social network.

You have not managed to find the solution to your ills? In this case, we advise you to go to the Google help page or send a bug report to the developers of the application or to those of Google.

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