What the NordVPN app will bring you on a daily basis

If you still doubt the usefulness of VPNs, wait to see how NordVPN will improve your browsing experience.

VPNs are now very popular tools dedicated to your online security. They protect your personal information and preserve your privacy online, but also allow you to circumvent geo-blocks. But if you are still skeptical about this idea, let us introduce you to NordVPN.

This Virtual Private Network was created in 2012, and today enjoys a certain notoriety. We are therefore going to explain to you why NordVPN is so popular with Internet users, and all that it can bring you on a daily basis.

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The many features of NordVPN

Wondering what you can do with NordVPN? First of all, know that this VPN will allow you to browse securely on the net as well as on connected applications.

To do this, NordVPN performs advanced encryption of your browsing data, including your passwords, bank details and browsing history. At the same time, NordVPN completely camouflages your source IP address.

These two processes will therefore have the effect of making your personal data unreadable to others, and preventing anyone from tracing your identity and location. You will be able to navigate anonymously and protected from all risks. But security isn’t NordVPN’s only strength.

This software is also very qualitative to offer you a much freer navigation. For this, NordVPN has more than 5,600 servers worldwide, located in almost sixty different countries. This will allow you to modify your virtual location simply, in order to thwart all geo-blocks.

Thus, you will be able to access foreign Netflix catalogs, but also television channels or websites from other countries. In the same way, NordVPN is also able to bypass certain government censorships such as those of China or Russia, which are known to be very strict (the best VPNs for Russia here).

And you’re in pretty good shape, because if it appeals to you, you can currently enjoy it at a bargain price. The provider is currently offering -62% discount on its two-year subscription + 3 months free. The price is only €2.99.

You will agree, NordVPN is a complete software, which will be very useful to you on a daily basis. Its application also accompanies you on all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, console, router, smart TV) so that you are always covered.

You can also connect up to 6 devices at the same time on a single subscription, which will allow you to equip your whole family, and even help out your friends if necessary, without having to pay anything in more.

More advanced software options

If what we just saw about NordVPN didn’t totally win you over, VPN doesn’t stop there. Indeed, NordVPN has several options to increase your security, starting with the Kill Switch.

By enabling this option, your traffic will be suspended in the event of a VPN disconnection, ensuring you never inadvertently expose your data. Also, NordVPN offers you to take advantage of its Double VPN feature, which consists of passing your data not only through one, but through two VPN servers, which will make you gain in security but also in confidentiality.

In addition, the particularity of NordVPN lies in its anti-threat protection. This device, unique to NordVPN, protects you against infected files, dangerous sites, unwanted advertisements and trackers.

In terms of security, NordVPN will therefore be of great help to you against hackers, but also spies or usurpers. When it comes to browsing itself too, NordVPN has more than one trick up its sleeve. This software notably manifests excellent connection speeds.

This will allow you to enjoy smooth browsing, whatever your use of the VPN, including for streaming, downloading torrents or online gaming. And let’s remember that all of this, NordVPN is currently offering it to you at a bargain price. The VPN is available for only €2.99 monthly, which is significantly lower than what is found on the market.

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And if you’re ever new to VPNs, know that although the NordVPN app is very easy to use, you won’t be on your own. The VPN customer service is actually available 24/7, so you are never stuck in your usage. NordVPN will therefore be useful to you on a daily basis, and will never let you down.

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