what to choose between Performance mode and Loyalty mode, and how to activate them?

You don’t know what to choose between the Loyalty mode or the Performance mode of your PS5? Follow our guide to learn more about what each does.

If you own a PS5, when you turn on your console for the first time, you must have made a choice that probably went unnoticed. Indeed, Sony offers you two display modes under the aegis of Performance and Fidelity. If this choice seems trivial to you, know that it allows you on the contrary to optimize your in-game experience and is sometimes very useful depending on what you want to do.

They allow you to switch between a better frame rate per second (up to 120 fps) and a better screen resolution (4K). We invite you here to discover how each mode works, which one is best suited to your style of play, and how to activate them on your PS5.

What is Performance Mode on PS5?

We start with the Performance mode. The latter offers you to favor the frame rate per second – the famous fps – against a reduction in resolution and the absence of ray tracing. Objectively, it therefore gives you a “less beautiful” image to look at, but much more fluid. What is the benefit of such an option?

If you are fond of shooting games, precision games and other titles that require a certain reaction speed, you cannot give up fluidity. Having more frames per second is essential when you want to reach a specific point as quickly as possible and it is above all to put the best chances on your side. It also avoids lag impressions when a lot of actions are happening on the screen at the same time, so it can serve you for any type of game.

What is Loyalty Mode on PS5?

The Fidelity mode meanwhile promises you better resolution in exchange for the aforementioned smoothness. Concretely, with this mode activated, you will have a sharper image, going up to 4K, and therefore nicer to watch, but less accurate and potentially subject to some latency.

This mode is to be preferred for games that present a monstrous work in terms of graphics and that you want to take full advantage of. It will clearly not be suitable for reactive games, but will be suitable for all narrative games, graphic novels or even more linear adventures that are played offline.

How to activate Loyalty and Performance modes on PS5?

In both cases, know that your choice, in addition to the arguments mentioned above, will also be based on your current television or monitor. Indeed, whether it is 120 fps or 4K, if your screen is not compatible with this level of technology, it will be automatically limited to the maximum power of your screen. So it stands to reason that if your monitor – for example – supports 4K but only up to 30 fps, don’t compromise more than that on resolution and choose fidelity mode. In any case, your image will be limited to 30 fps as allowed by your screen.

To change the mode that you have established by default, go to the settings of your PS5, at the top right of the home screen. Scroll down to the “saved data and game/application settings” section, then go to “game presets”. You will then be able to choose between frame rate mode or resolution mode, which are other names for Performance and Fidelity modes.

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